Bello El-Rufai Should Stop Comparing Peter Obi with his father,  we’re not blind.

by Amos Kalu

It is a shock to me that the loquacious and cantankerous son of former Kaduna state governor,  Alhaji Nasir El-Rufai,  Bello El-Rufai,  is yet to understand the difference between reality and propaganda.  But what is more shocking to me is why he has chosen to use Dr Peter Obi’s name to launder his father’s image at a time when Nigerians have seen everything he had to offer.

However,  I do not put the rest of the blame on him for his endless tantrums,  yet it shocks me that respected journalists like Mr Seun Okinbaloye should avail him of their supposedly reputable platforms to vomit the venoms for which he is known,  a religious fanatic, ethnic bigot, and divisive merchandise whose joy is derived from whipping up tribal sentiments and profiling Igbo people at every provocation. 

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I would’ve ignored him as I’ve done in the past,  but for the fact that the interview seemed to have some hidden agenda being projected by him,  I decided to respond to him because I know how his father operates by using him to stir the hornet.  Their normal practice is to send the loquacious boy to speak uncontrollably while the elders sit by the side to observe reactions so that they will know the time and tactic for their next line of attack.  I bet you,  Bello El-Rufai was not disparaging Peter Obi for his sake,  he is testing the waters for either his father or anyone who must be bankrolling his escapade. 

For instance, there were four major candidates in the last election.  Bello decided to pick on Peter Obi alone,  dropping Atiku,  Kwankwasor,  etc,  to compare with his father who is currently suffering political relegation due to his excesses and high-handedness while he held swear to the governorship position of Kaduna State.  One then wonders if El-Rufai is in a novelty race with Peter Obi.

For your information Bello,  Peter Obi’s popularity is not of his choosing,  he did not force himself to be loved by the Nigerian masses.  The only people who dislike him are the untouchables and neigh-do-well politicians who feel threatened by his goodwill which will make them lose grip on their wickedness upon the masses. 

It is a known fact that Alhaji Nasir El-Rufia did his best to promote a religious crisis against Christians where he superintended the killing of thousands of them which is the reason why he was avoided by this administration because they didn’t want his name to dent their chances.
Again,  if Peter Obi governed Anambra as far back as 2007 and left enough legacy to be more popular than your father in 2023 (when El-Rufia was still an incumbent),  then you don’t need to convince us who did better because we are not blind like you who believes you need the help of a national TV to seek validation for your dumped father.

The journalists in Nigeria who are adjourned to be renowned should know when to put a gap between doing their jobs and being used as a veritable tool for ethnic profiling it will be pardonable to allow Alhaji Nasir El-Rufai to discuss his performance or even compare himself with Dr.  Peter Obi,  but it is an insult on the collective intelligence of Nigeria youths to give his untrained son a platform to disrespect honorable men in the name of laundering his father’s battered image. 

Hon Udoeze Kalu
(Convener of Abia North Youth Agenda – ANYA)

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