Reno Omokri’s Hatred For Peter Obi has become his lifeline for relevance in Nigeria 

by Amos Kalu

By Comr Amos Kalu

It has become worrisome,  absurd, and irritating to constantly listen to Mr Reno Omokri pontificating about the Labour Party Presidential candidate in the 2023 General Election,  HE Dr. Peter Obi,  (former governor of Anambra state) and an astute Businessman (Trader) who he sees as an enemy for frustrating all his gambled chances to come back to political relevance after 2023. The Peter Obi tsunami that upset the apple cart of many seems to have become a bitter pill for Reno Omokri to swallow like many have done and moved on.

It is very surprising that Reno Omokri suddenly stopped talking about his candidate in the same election,  HE Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (former Vice President of Nigeria and versatile businessman).  He hardly mentions Atiku any longer even though he showed to have loved him so much during the campaigns of 2023, rather he suddenly became a self-assigned spokesperson of Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu (the Nigeria President). 
Does it mean that Reno Omokri is a fair-weather politician whose loyalty is to the highest bidder?

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For instance, it is a known fact that he was a staunch supporter of Peter Obi whom he once called “THE MESSIAH” for Nigerians.  But his love later turned to hatred when Peter Obi informed him that he doesn’t give “Shi Shi”, the hatred has grown too thick for comfort and is no longer possible to hide.  The only thing he hasn’t criticized Peter Obi on is how he possibly makes love to his wife at home.

Be that as it may,  Nigerians see through every Nigerian.  If Mr Omokri bothered to stop,  pause, and think,  he should have known by now that people have grown wary of his endless tantrums and inability to be consistent and realistic about the Nigerian political atmosphere and when to keep quiet.  Even if he is paid to constantly attack Peter Obi (who doesn’t even pay heed to his noise),  at least he should apply little sense to it and less emotional outburst so that his playmate’s money can be justified.

During the Okuama Massacre and Reprisals, Omokri was silent 

Strangely, 17 soldiers were killed in Reno Omokri’s home state and some angry soldiers invaded and sacked the whole community in a reprisal attack.  Every Nigerian with a conscience took sides and condemned the atrocities from all sides.  Unfortunately,  Omokri did not tweet about it either for or against the community or the avenging soldiers because for him it was not worth his attention as far as it is not about Peter Obi.  Rather,  he chose the auspicious time to attack Dr. Peter Obi for not celebrating the Naira value gain from N1,900 to N1,600 per dollar,  even when he has no business with Tinubu’s administration in any capacity,  he simply likes crying more than the bereaved.

This singular miscalculation has earned him fierce attacks from Nigerians on social media.  I will avail you of a few so that you can understand how Mr Omokri is now seen in the opinion of reasonable Nigerians. 


Daniel Bwala was disgraced the other day by El-rufai son. Reno is next. Foolish man – LagosFirstSon

But this man na fool oh
Appreciated how?
How much did the drug master met on ground when he became president?
Tinubu is a disgrace and a disaster – AdamuKD

Dis man didn’t tweet throughout Delta massacre,imagine massacre going on in your home state and you said nothing about it,isnt it obvious he is paid ?f***king propagandist – Bookhub

Obi cost Atiku the presidency.
Atiku cost pdp victory.
And finally both cost Reno his poliking job.
He is afraid of Atiku hence he attacks Obi. – Insidelife22

Does Peter Obi care about the existence of people like Reno in Nigeria? He is busy building bridges and expanding his political career while the other is doing boi-boi and having sleepless nights about what Obi did or didn’t do. – Oxb90

If jobless Reno is productive and not on exile in a foreign land he will know that the appreciation of naira have not affected positively the prices of goods , commodities and services.
Peter Obi is not praying for anybody’s downfall and shouldn’t be blamed for anybody’s failure.- Magoo10

The same man was mute when his home state was run over by jihadist Nigeria army and young girls and old women raped and killed but alas he has woke up to peter obi once.
Obi should celebrate naira trading at 1600 when tinubu met it at 500. I don’t know what is wrong with reno – TheLastProphet

This reno guy is so obsessed with anything Obi and it’s annoying. What’s there to rejoice on? As if the reduction has any meaningful impact on our daily lives. – Treasure17

Follow this link to read the rest – It is no longer business for fair-weather politicians

Comr Amos Kalu

Comr Amos Kalu is a Media Practitioner, Website Developer and ICT Expert.  He writes from Abuja.

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