“I may not like Peter Obi, but the North need his help” – Yusuf Gambo

by Amos Kalu

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Yusuf Abubakar Gambo narrates his dreams

Arewa! You see that, Peter Obi? I don’t even like him. I may not like either his tribe; Igbo or his religion. When I think of challenges of governing Nigeria, I would imagine a man of steel and toughness, not one with a feminine voice like Peter Obi.

After performing Tahajjud (Islamic night prayer), which I followed up with deep meditations on Allah’s words. I went to sleep as I had done other nights. Never involved in many revelations, so I consider each, a privilege not just because of its scarcity, but also for its symbolism.

On this night in a revelation, I was thrown into and abandoned in a deep well filled with scorpions by violent mob.

Struggling to climb out under the heavy venomous scorpions’ attacks and losing hope, I heard that familiar but uniquely funny voice scream; hold unto my hand. Relief and tears. I could not believe it.

Who did I see trying to pull me out of the scorpions infested well? Peter Obi! At this point, did I have to care he was someone I did not like? Who can resist life at a point of death? I woke up wondering what just happened.

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I sat down, started thinking about what I just saw in this revelation. Deep in my thoughts, I was imagining; If my beloved pregnant wife were to be in need of emergency healthcare in the middle of the night – trust Nigeria’s hospitals when they ask you to deposit 100k or no treatment, If I watched my wife dying and someone tapped at my back and offered to pay, would I reject such a gesture and watched my wife die because it was coming from someone I didn’t like? If that help came from Peter Obi and I rejected it, what would you do to me as your brother, father, son, in-law or friend?

After this incident, I vowed to rather vote someone I don’t like but very competent and honest than someone who I like, but steals from me and kills me.

After going through Peter Obi’s records and plans for Nigeria, we can only deceive ourselves if we think the North does not need help.

Are we going to say no because a good man we don’t like wants to save us? Let us be wise.

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