Diamoye Faye’s Senegalese Presidential Victory; A Litmus Test For Democracy In Africa.

by Amos Kalu

The victory of 44-year-old Diamonye Faye in the previous Sunday’s Senegalese Presidential election has left a gap for other African countries to fill in terms of defending and sustaining the image of democracy. Mr. Faye of the Pastef opposition Party had been in jail for the past ten days before the election just to weaken his strength in slogging it out with the serving President at the polls, the ruling party’s Ba congratulated Mr. Faye ahead of the final declaration.

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For seventeen candidates to have conceded victory to Faye even when the poll was yet to be finalized told much about his charisma, sound manifesto, popularity, and general acceptance by the people. In a sane and rational society where democracy is not selfishly shortchanged, this would be the order of the day) by allowing fairness, transparency, and the voice of the people to count.

In the same vein, Faye’s victory shows how reliable,  transparent, and consolidated the Senegalese electoral body is prepared to conduct the elections without compromise and malpractices. It affirms the fact that power is not expected to be wielded at all costs when it is no longer in the interest of the governed on whose behalf the mantle of leadership is held.

Faye’s victory in the Presidential election preaches the importance of reminding politicians that the will of the people overrides that of their interest when it comes to national governance. Unlike in Nigeria where opposition is gagged, suppressed,d and rigged out during elections, the people of Senegal have proven their unanimous voice against injustice, and the administration has rallied their unflinching support on  Faye to lead the country in the capacity of a president. In Nigeria, this level of electoral transparency is expected b  to be achieved if corruption has not taken the centre stage of our national consciousness.


In conclusion, I congratulate an exceptional leader, Faye, and the good people of Senegal who en mass delivered their vote bank to a young promising man with all sense of preparedness to liberate his Country from protracted economic woes. The continued military coup de ‘tat in most West African States occurred because of prevalent reckless political misrule and when the leadership of a nation fails to produce the expected results, the people roar, agitate, and as the last resort revolt against the government.

As the youngest President in Africa, I call on the world to give him maximum support in all aspects to enable him to transform his nation’s economy which had long suffered setbacks.

Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu
Eck Foundation President

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