The Continued Castigation Of Zion Ministry G. O, Ebuka Obi Is Wicked, Satanic. 

by Amos Kalu

The trending videos making around on social media platforms castigating Pastor Ebuka Obi of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach deeply raise concern that to date, I am worried as to why some men of God would go to the extent of sponsoring malicious, unfounded, and envious attacks on their fellow servant in the vineyard simply to bring him down. The body of Christ as professed by the Christian faithful is daily being chided, ridiculed, and profaned not because the  Messiah’s message to mankind was corrupt but due to interpersonal wranglings unnecessarily brewing up amongst the leaders of churches.

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Pastor Ebuka Obi from the inception of his childhood was filled with the excellent spirit of God and his records of services in the vineyard have not gone against the standard of decent Christianity as preached by Jesus Christ. Those who have chosen to continuously peddle falsehood against the innocent young Preacher are mere hired agents of destruction who might have received undue gratifications from the dark world and co-travelers to ruin Zion Ministry and its evangelical services to humanity.

Regrettably, it is mainly people of the same Igbo extraction as  Ebuka who are being used to carry out these nefarious acts of unreasonably castigating and cyberbullying their brother.  Across social media, all the prank content and other real stories about pastoral deficiency, native doctors, and their lines of activities are seen to be  Igbo brothers and sisters attacking themselves. As an herbalist who believes in traditional spirituality, you are free to market yourself to the public without hurting others and talking them down; as a servant in the vineyard of God, good enough you preach the words without enviously polluting the Christendom.  We have prominent Preachers from Western Nigeria who have a flock of large congregations around the world but they never rise to insult, lampoon, or attack themselves rather they prostrate to honor them as mentors of excellence. This quickly reminds me of the same challenges our people encounter in working to succeed in national politics. I besiege you all to embrace peace and let’s work to be our brothers’  keepers, not their killers. 

It is a mark of immaturity that those who claim to be children of God are busy ruthlessly attacking themselves, thereby ridiculing and downgrading the body of Christ. I never support any Pastor or Priest who intentionally engages in deceptive prophecy to mislead the public into believing that God is using him/ her and those who have been engaging in these spiritual errors are advised to stop henceforth and repent, else, the anger of God will surely hit them. Also, those who have made themselves agents of wickedly ganging up to frame their fellow men of God simply to scatter their congregation are sure to meet their Waterloo when the heavens open their sin books.
Judgment is of the Lord.

Finally, God has been using Evangelist  Ebuka Obi in different capacities to lose those in bondage and do other wonderful and life-touching miracles. His Ministry must not be scattered by peddlers and traders of falsehood. His commitment to the service of God and humanity is genuine and bereft of deception. So, the general public should take note that Ebuka is simply being envied by those who see that his Ministry is rapidly growing and other sects of morally polluted persons who on the other hand see his evangelical operations as a threat to their dark missions on humanity please let Ebuka Obi alone, for he is a true man of God.

Emeka Charles Kalu

Chief Emeka Kalu
CEO, Eck Foundation.

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