Emeka Kalu Condemns Perceived Injustice Towards Ndigbo In Lagos.

by Amos Kalu

Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, the convener of the Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG) and President of the ECK Foundation, has referred to the systemic and unjustifiable displacement of the Igbo people in Lagos as undemocratic and unacceptable. He asserts that power is only justly exercised when it is directed towards the betterment of all.

The PDP chieftain, who previously ran for governor of Abia state, claims that regardless of provocation, no one has the right to use state power against another person or group of people in an effort to exact political revenge because all Nigerians have the same rights to live anywhere in the country and conduct business.

Emeka Charles Kalu

The materials available to support the current events, including the thuggery against Ndigbo during the most recent 2023 elections, particularly in Lagos, using state appointees and people who have never been questioned but have instead been rewarded with appointments, lead me to the conclusion that this is a political vendetta against Ndigbo. This goes against the provisions of our constitution that provide us the freedom to cast our ballots for the candidates of our choice in every election.

“We’re going to drive the Igbos out of Lagos and take their properties and lands.” – In 2019, Remi Tinubu, Tinubu’s wife and current First Lady, warns the Ndi Igbo in Lagos State if they choose not to vote for the APC.
It has already begun to occur. Igbos who support the Labour Party risk losing their homes and businesses!

This is not far from the truth, and any well-meaning Nigerian who values freedom and harmonious coexistence inside the country must denounce it.
The people in positions of authority now ought to understand that such positions are ephemeral and eventually pass to other people. Nigeria will descend into anarchy when all those in positions of authority at some point started to abuse them.

“Every decent Nigerian should demand that the political power managers in Lagos be called to order. Nigeria is a one country, and no tribe ought to be treated arbitrarily or as a scapegoat.

“There is an effect for each cause. There are repercussions for every action taken. Nigeria is our shared responsibility, and we must respect one another,” he said.

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