Addressing Asari Dokubo’s Treasonous Acts Against Igbos: Emeka Kalu 

by Amos Kalu

In hardly a fortnight after President Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s government was inaugurated, the self-proclaimed militant, Asari Dokubo, rushed to State House, Abuja, to verbally and maliciously attack the Nigeria Army and Navy, accusing the two branches of the military of being responsible for 99 percent of Nigeria’s oil theft. He didn’t stop there; he called Igbos “sold-out slaves” in an arrogant tone. As if that weren’t enough, he proudly displayed an AK-47 rifle as a symbol of his readiness for a crisis against the people of the Southeast.

This level of arrogance on the part of Asari and other traducers of violence led to an influx of hate speech that greeted the entire nooks and crannies of Muhammed Buhari’s immediate past administration, and if not checked and tamed early, Asari has taken another bold step to continue the outpouring and outbursts.

Nobody has a monopoly of violence, and Dokubo must realize that. It is still a sign of shame that he has chosen to sour the long-established friendly relationship between the Igbos and their Niger Delta brothers. His notoriety, discrepancy, and empathy-mouthiness led him to fan the flames of violence by falsely accusing the military of oil theft and exposing his idiocy against the hardworking Igbo Nation, instead of working to maintain national peace and security.

In human history, the inhabitants of the Southeast have been renowned for their lack of violence, compassion for others, and willingness to stand up for those who have been wrongfully treated. Igbos have been hard working , goal driven and result oriented individuals since the time of Abraham and Methuselah, and they never give up, they are not easily lured by something that wasn’t theirs.

Asari’s attack on the Igbos without cause is out of his gluttonous appetite for bread and mineral fanta from the desk of Mr. President, disregarding the danger his actions pose to Nigerians and the new government of Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

Asari Dokubo, on the other side of the page, drums up calls for violence and uprisings by falsely accusing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of orchestrating the EndSARs protests, while the legitimate government of Asiwaju of Nigeria is busy organizing plans to transform and redeem the polity from the shackles of ills encountered in the past administrations. A praise singer is always your adversary because he praises you outwardly while secretly attacking you with the other hand. Asari Dokubo is made of that, so the government must keep a close eye on him. 

Asari Dokubo’s constant plotting to put Igbos and the Federal Government in a deadly confrontation just to advance his egotistical and pot-bellied tendencies is so bad and wicked. Igbo Unity and the harmonious relationship between the Ahmed Bola Tinubu administration and the residents of the old Eastern region are unaffected by any threat made by the so-called wounded baboon. From now on, Asari will be irreparably damaged by his excesses and carelessness if he continues to throw pointless temper tantrums, incite violence, and display arrogance. As a result, I am pleading with all of Nigeria’s peace-loving citizens and the Ahmed Bola Tinubu administration to assist us in advising Mr. Asari Dokubo to stay away from Ndi Igbo and mind his own business. A hawk that attacked the mother hen and her chick is free to brag about it and soar through the air. It might not have such good luck again if it travels on the prey again. There is always a reaction when you touch a lion’s tail. Asari, follow the right path.

While Azari’s curiosity for trouble grows, intelligent and sensible Nigerians are dedicated to finding long-term solutions to the numerous injuries that have already accrued throughout the nation. Even the sincerely motivated Niger Delta activists fighting for justice and equity must have grown tired of his uncivilized attitude because it is becoming too much of him. I challenge Asari Dokubo to mentions his contributions to the growth of the Niger Delta today, which he purports to be defending and fighting for. A man who is well-known for stealing crude oil from Nigeran wells and drilling basins to enrich his own pocket is now circling and joining people’s heads without providing any compelling arguments. The worst of this imp’s loose corruption, haughtiness, and conscience-damaged tendencies would be exposed to the entire world should the government unintentionally make him a director of NDDC.

While being the most dangerously covert enemy of his people, he sheepishly claims to love the Niger Delta. He hurried to Aso Rock to incite conflict and speak negatively about others, and he cleverly anticipated receiving a large sum of money from Mr. President as payment for his successful character assassination. I strongly advise Mr. President and his group of knowledgeable advisers to be weary of this never-do-well noisemaker who will be visiting the Government House to brand honorable people enemies of the country while he continues to be the vampire lurking behind the guise of pipeline security to destroy the country’s economy.

In the prose piece titled “ANIMAL FARM,” a character modeled after “Napoleon” was never gifted with refined speechmaking but instead enticed other animals to fight while he stayed distant because he knew how to get his way. Asari Dokubo is hereby requested to be detained by the federal government, which is run by President Bola Tinubu, and be the subject of an investigation to determine how he came to posses an AK-47, which is not a weapon that is legal for a licensed individual to purchase. To openly brandish a high-tech rifle in opposition to the amnesty deal reached under the late Yardua administration, he must be a felon.Take it or leave it, Asari is not a respectable Nigerian to be reckoned with, and his words shouldn’t be taken seriously if the current administration wants to excel in the goals she has set for herself.

Chief.  Dr. Emeka Kalu, Writing from Phoenix, USA. Director-General, Global Initiatives for Good Governance.

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