FAAN to Relocate Businesses from Port Harcourt Airport

by David Okoye

The management of Port Harcourt International Airport has announced plans to relocate concessionaires and mini-businesses from the operational areas of the domestic wing. This decision aims to address the proliferation of shanties and improve the overall environment of the airport. Ngozi Onyeanwunna-Nwosu, the airport’s public relations officer, clarified that the relocation is not intended to displace thriving businesses but rather to enhance serenity, security, and standards within operational areas.

FAAN, as the regulatory authority, prioritizes public interest in its policies and implementations. The relocation initiative, which was communicated to affected business operators since November 2023, seeks to provide a better environment while ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing business activities. However, some affected operators express concerns about the distance from their target customers, mainly passengers and acquaintances, which may affect business patronage.

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Mark Tammy, a food vendor at the airport, highlights that the proposed new site is distant from the domestic waiting area, potentially slowing down business patronage. Similarly, Janette Ikem, a computer operator, raises concerns about the additional hardships posed by the relocation, particularly in the current economic climate.

While acknowledging these challenges, the airport management emphasizes its commitment to facilitating a smooth transition for affected businesses. The deadline for the relocation expires in March, and FAAN encourages affected operators to claim their shop spaces promptly. Notably, all shanties around the cargo and other areas within the airport have been sealed to prevent trespassing

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