Navigating Economic Hardship: Advice from Flour Mills HR Head

by David Okoye

Lara Yeku, Head of Human Resources at Flour Mills of Nigeria, offers advice to Nigerians on overcoming economic challenges. In an interview in Lagos, she emphasizes the importance of creativity and resilience in identifying and seizing opportunities for wealth creation amid widespread hardships.

Yeku highlights the impact of economic difficulties on individuals, businesses, and society as a whole, stressing the need for a proactive approach in response to crises. She advocates for emotional awareness, exploration of options, community collaboration, and lifestyle changes as essential strategies for navigating economic uncertainties.

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Encouraging a shift from reactive emotions to proactive reflection, Yeku suggests interrogating the situation to uncover insights and opportunities amidst adversity. By reframing challenges as potential pathways to growth, individuals can unveil hidden treasures within the storm.

Yeku urges Nigerians to expand their list of solutions beyond crisis confines, embracing numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. She emphasizes the importance of seeking solace and support in community bonds, investing in continuous learning and adaptation to fortify resilience, and visualizing a greater Nigeria amidst hardship.

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