Advocating for Women in Science: Academy Executive Secretary’s Perspective

by David Okoye

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Dr. Oladoyin Odunbanjo, Executive Secretary of the Academy of Science, emphasized the importance of recognizing and supporting women’s contributions in the field of science. In an interview in Lagos, he addressed the unique challenges women face in science, including reduced visibility, cultural roles, and other obstacles hindering their progress.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Odunbanjo urged women in science to persevere and excel, surpassing obstacles through hard work and determination. He highlighted successful women in science who have achieved prominent roles within academia, showcasing their merit and active determination.


Acknowledging the additional responsibilities women often bear, such as domestic chores and childcare, Dr. Odunbanjo emphasized the need for supportive environments that enable women to balance these responsibilities with their scientific pursuits. He recognized the difficulties women encounter in attending conferences and other professional commitments due to these responsibilities.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Odunbanjo stressed that women in science should not be perceived as weaker counterparts. He called for greater recognition of their capabilities, efforts, and achievements to ensure gender equality and representation in the scientific community.

Dr. Odunbanjo’s advocacy underscores the importance of creating inclusive environments that empower women in science to thrive and contribute fully to scientific advancements.

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