FCT Minister Wike Dismisses Kidnapping Surge as Political Ploy

by David Okoye

Concerning the increasing number of kidnapping instances in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike dismissed them as political propaganda carried out by opposing groups. During a press conference, Wike downplayed criticisms aimed at President Bola Tinubu and him, claiming that the critics were politicians trying to topple the government.

Wike emphasised the need to comprehend the political dynamics at play when he said that some alarms raised about security incidents were exaggerated for political reasons. Declaring, “Like something just happened here, they tell you it has happened 25 times,” he criticised the use of sensationalism. You have to be aware of how our system operates.”

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Responding to accusations regarding his absence affecting security, Wike questioned the political nature of such claims. He implied that kidnappings were portrayed selectively for political gain, suggesting a link between the timing of reported incidents and his schedule.

Acknowledging the role of poverty in Abuja’s security challenges, Wike argued that poverty was a national issue, not exclusive to the FCT. He clarified that addressing poverty within the FCT required actions tied to the national economy. Wike emphasized that the FCT Administration wouldn’t make decisions that only impacted the territory’s economy.

Wike emphasised the relationship between poverty and the economy, saying that poverty will decrease in the presence of a booming economy. He outlined the government’s initiatives to strengthen the economy of the country, stressing the need of company expansion and job creation.

In summation, Wike blamed adversaries seeking to overthrow the government for the rise in kidnappings, dismissing it as political propaganda. He refuted allegations about his influence on security and underlined the need of tackling poverty holistically by concentrating on the national economy.

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