Nigerian Armed Forces Report February Operations

by David Okoye

In February, the Nigerian Armed Forces conducted extensive operations across the country, resulting in significant successes against various insurgent groups and criminal activities.

North-East Operations:

– Operation Hadin Kai saw the elimination of 242 terrorists, 57 suspects arrested, and 42 hostages rescued.
– Additionally, 1,157 Boko Haram/ISWAP members and their families surrendered, with 198 AK47 rifles and other weapons seized.

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North-Central and North-West Operations:

– Operation Safe Haven eliminated 31 terrorists, apprehended 187 suspects, and rescued 19 hostages.
– Operation Whirl Stroke neutralized 100 terrorists, arrested 67 suspects, and freed 53 hostages.
– In the North-West, Operation Hadarin Daji took out 345 terrorists, apprehended 80 suspects, and rescued 289 hostages.
– Operation Whirl Punch contributed by eliminating 150 terrorists, arresting 161 suspects, and recovering a substantial cache of arms.

South-South Operations:

– Operation Delta Safe targeted oil theft, resulting in the apprehension of 359 suspects and the confiscation of millions of liters of crude oil and other illegal products.
– Furthermore, 79 assorted weapons were recovered, and numerous illegal refining sites were destroyed.

South-East Operations:

– Operation UDO KA successfully eliminated 106 terrorists, apprehended 69 suspects, and rescued 19 hostages.

In total, the Armed Forces killed 974 terrorists, apprehended 621 suspects, and rescued 466 hostages nationwide. They also seized 1,573 assorted weapons and large quantities of ammunition, contributing significantly to national security efforts.

The operations demonstrate the commitment of the Nigerian Armed Forces to combatting insurgency, terrorism, and criminal activities, ensuring the safety and security of citizens across the country.

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