The Time To Change The Narrative For Arochukwu Constituency Is Now

by Amos Kalu

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Just like in every Game; you have the Players and the Spectators. Politics is also like a Game where you have both players and spectators.

As the 2023 General Election approaches; what role are you playing? Are you playing your role as an Electorate by doing the needful or are you just a Spectator who exhibits a non-challant attitude to the Political affairs of your Constituency but expects a miracle to happen afterwards.

The time to change the narrative is now because only you has the Power to bring the change you desire or let the miracle you are expecting to manifest; That Power is your PVC!
Secure your PVC today and guard it jealously because that is what you need to vote the right Candidate that would liberate you from this current Economic condition.
Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie is your best Candidate. Therefore, vote him as your Representative for Arochukwu State Constituency.

Get your PVC today & make your Vote count.
Chose wisely, Chose Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie.
God bless Arochukwu State Constituency!

Samuel Uba Okorie
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