With Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie, Arochukwu State Constituency is in safe hands

by Amos Kalu

At times in the life and history of every people, no matter the challenges they must have faced in the past that seemed daunting, nature still makes a choice that helps to bring succor to their seemingly endless yearnings to offer respite to their aspirations. This is what Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie represents in the leadership of the Arochukwu state constituency in the 2023 general election, a round peg in a round hole.

There is no uncertainty, and it is without any iota of doubt that at a point when Nigeria at all levels needs the right leadership to steer her into the political revolution sweeping across the nation, a man that is a seasoned administrator with many years of human relationships, a highly trained technocrat, and a good manager of men and resources like Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie, is the ready answer to our many questions of leadership as a people.

There’s no gainsaying that Arochukwu deserves the best as a people, that is why the constituency does not need to look far in making her choices when it can boast of a man with proven antecedents in competence, accountability, and transparency as his watchword.

The call to support Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie is the type that must be given every attention it deserves so that the constituency will be well represented at Abia Statehouse. With his influence, network, and experience, the dividends of democracy, developmental legislation, and quality representation shall no longer elude the people.

Arochukwu Deserves Better.

Dr Samuel Uba Okorie

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