Okon-Aku Communal Fracas: Restoration, Steps To Achieve Lasting Peace Initiated.

by Nwajiaku Chidiogo


This communique is an addendum to our initial meeting held on 16th of October, 2021 at Aba and a follow up virtual meeting on 18th November, 2021. It also updates some of the agreements reached therewith due to subsequent developments. 


Whereas the Constitution of ODU provided for the creation of a body to be known as Branch Chairmen and Secretaries and are vested with the power to stand in and make sure that there is Peace, Unity and Harmony in the community in time of crisis like this.

The body of the Branch Chairmen and Secretaries as a result decided to call for a meeting of its members virtually on the 23rd of November, 2021 to deliberate, review and pass some resolutions that will foster unity, stability, peace and harmony in the community. The meeting that was well attended, came up with the following communique after reviewing all the occurrences of events:

1. The body noticed that the Dr Nmecha Ume led Excos has failed to respect a previous resolution of the body in our meeting of 16th October, 2021 instructing them or any other not to sell the palm plots until after December 2021 election. This was to make sure that the peace returns, and wounds healed. Also, it was meant to preserve this major source of income of the community for whoever that will emerge as the winner of the election to raise money and implement his proposed developmental projects for the community. Having observed that the Dr Nmecha Ume led executives of the ODU flaunted the above resolutions, we hereby disassociate self from all the activities of Dr Nmecha Ume and his executives in the community henceforth.

2. The body considered the proclamations made by our late paramount ruler, Late Eze U. K. Okam (Nnaka III) shortly before his demise, appointing Deacon Zik Uduma and others to lead the ODU until there is relative peace and conducive atmosphere to conduct elections.  It was generally agreed that since the Late Eze U. K. Okam (Nnaka III) is guided by the Abia State Chieftaincy Edict to appoint, remove, and disband any group or union in the community that is perceived to cause crises or bringing disunity in his domain, that the appointment should be respected and upheld.  Henceforth, Deacon Zik Uduma and others as appointed, are by this adoption recognized as the current INTERIM ODU EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and is hereby recognized by the body.

3. Due to the present state of the community and so many other issues that are ladened with unfound hatred cum crises, we resolved that election should be put on hold for now especially this year as those crises is not unconnected with the leadership of ODU government and politics. Elections are better held in a peaceful environment. As such, the current ODU EXECUTIVE led by Deacon Zik Uduma will in consultation with other Arms in the community, determine when it will be safe for an election to be conducted in the community within a reasonable period and after the burial of our late Traditional Ruler, Eze U. K. Okam (Nnaka III) of Okon-Aku Autonomous Community.

We hereby plead with all and sundry to bear with us and work with all the Branch Executives and Deacon Zik Uduma to restore peace, unity, and love in our dear precious community.

Long live Okon-Aku Development Union (ODU) Long live Okon-Aku Ohafia Autonomous Community.


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