What PDP should Do Against 2023; Chief Kalu Speaks Again

by Amos Kalu

Press Statement – 31/7/2019

The Director-General of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide, Dr. Emeka C. Kalu has lent his voice to the need for the People’s Democratic Power to reign in their horses and go back to the drawing board to re-enforce, emphasizing that this is because there is a great task ahead of them between now and 2023.

Dr. Emeka Kalu made this known in a Press Statement issued from his Abuja office and signed by his Aide on Media and Publicity, Comr. Amos Kalu, stating that if the PDP has hidden their card to their chest, the APC wouldn’t have had a field day in rigging the 2019 election in broad daylight as has been the case.

He blamed the leadership of the party for allowing disunity to rub them off the 2019 poll because they forgot the exigencies of harnessing their act and working as a team, recalling the outright sell out of the PDP senators that cost them Senate Presidency, a matter he penultimate addressed in shock and promised to expose the complicit actors in the act of shame on the eve of the election that ushered in Lawan at the Senate President.

“After witnessing the display of shame and sell of conscience by the PDP senators, I concluded that the PDP leadership needed to do much more to bring unity among the party members.

“I observed to my chagrin and disadvantage of the party that the members of PDP were all loyal to self, they placed personal interest above party loyalty because that is the only explanation why almost all of them received bribe at the dying minute and voted against their own party member. It was a big shame”. He said.

To buttress his argument, Dr. Kalu cited the manner of desertion so far exhibited by most PDP members towards Alhaji Atiku’s effort at retrieving his mandate at the tribunal. How they abandoned ship even before the election was over.

“I am a party man, I have always emphasized loyalty to the party. You don’t become loyal by jumping from one party to another at the slightest sign of a challenge. Even before the election was over, some people abandoned the ship and left Atiku alone thinking it was over and I was asking myself, were these people actually with us in the true sense of the word “US”? How can a supposed friend quickly abandon you at the slightest sign of a challenge? I see this as one of the banes of our success as a party and a trend that should be checked intoto” He prodded.

On this premise, therefore, Dr. Kalu has advised that if PDP will make headway like the great party she is, they must learn how to put their acts together and work as a team because the task ahead is enormous, while in the same vein calling on the party to keep hope alive because he believes that Atiku/PDP will still come out victorious at the ongoing tribunal.

“PDP is a great party to reckon with any time any day. Our success lies in our ability to the unit as the great party we are while shunning self-interest and putting the interest of the party first.

“We should never lose focus as a result of the antics of the power grabbers because victory is ours. It is our responsibility to retrieve the mandate of the people from plunderers and harness it against 2023. If we don’t pull ourselves together now, we may still find ourselves grappling for what rightfully is ours. Let us rebuild PDP on the strong pillars of unity and party loyalty so that 2023 will be a walkover for us.

“Atiku is coming, we must stand by him through thick and thin as a family because that is what we are, ‘A Family’”, he concluded.

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