Kalu tells APC to make Buhari’s Asset Public before picking on Makinde

by Amos Kalu


Wonders they say shall never end”, that would be the only right word to buttress the unending attitudinal exhibition on every APC-Man/Woman in every shed they come. More wondering is the fact that while the party has a big log in their eyes, they keep offering help to pick peck from another man’s eyes.

One would’ve expected that a party that is champion in corruption fight and “integrity” would start being clean from the inside out so that it will not be a case of the proverbial “Okorie” in Igbo folklore who busied himself in chasing the rats while his house is being golfed down in inferno.

Reacting to a news publication credited to Akin Oke, who happens to be the Oyo State Chairman of the APC, The Director-General of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide, Dr. Emeka C. Kalu in a statement made available to the media and signed by his Aide on Media and Publicity Comr Amos Kalu, has termed the said publication as hypocritical and unbelievable the way the APC has continued to behave when it comes to matters of national importance.

“Our Nation has continued to be ridiculed in hypocrisy by the power grabbers who believe that the law is meant to be obeyed by the people on the other side of the fence whereas the same law is constantly twisted at will to fit the whims and caprices of the few that pride themselves to live above the law.

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“The essence of asset declaration is to uphold transparency and accountability and Governor Seyi Makinde in a show of sportsmanship and good leadership on all intent and purpose declared his asset to the tune of N48 billion, which received public commendations.

“One becomes surprised then why APC should still pick a quarrel with such uncommon action in a nation like Nigeria where corruption has thrived the most among the crew that claims to be fighting corruption. This action; to say the least, beats my imagination” He said.

Continuing, Dr. Kalu brought the attention of the APC-Crew to some facts of great importance, insisting that perchance such facts have skipped their memory so quickly, insisting that such is possible with people who seem to forget everything only when it doesn’t suit their ends.

“Let me quickly refresh the memory of APC and their foot soldiers that has continued to live in denial. Prior to the 2015 and 2019 General Elections, we were told that President Buhari declared his assets, and until now whatever he declared is still a secret to the public as the APC-Led Government has continued to shield such information from the masses whose right is to know.

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“When the CJN Oneghen Saga was at its peak, Buhari quickly again ordered for assets declaration form and completed the drama with CCB in a media fanfare of pictures and handshake, I challenge them from top to down to show us exactly what was declared. All the exercise was to show off and to score a cheap political point.

“Therefore it thrives on the hypocrisy of the highest echelon for such people to come to the public and demand that a man who declared his asset and made it public to in addiction tell you the source of his wealth.

‘At the first instance, the essence of assets declaration by the President, Governor, and any other public servants is for the public to be in the know before the assumption of the position so that it can easily be deduced in any case of accusation of embezzlement. As such you do not have any business demanding to let him tell you his business. Are you his manager? If you are in need of such information, it is up to you to investigate and take inventory against any eventuality”. He said.

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He challenged the APC-Led Government and newly elected Governors as well as other public office holders to declare their assets as Governor Makinde has done so that we will know that they have the interest of the people that elected them at heart.

“Let the APC tell us what Buhari declared in 2019, let them encourage their other members to be patriotic enough to also declare their assets to the public. When we pass that stage, then we may begin to step to the next level of ‘HOW?’”. He concluded.

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