SHI’ITES: Buhari is driving Nigeria to extinction; while we stand aside and look – Kalu

by Amos Kalu

PRESS STATEMENT – 28th July 2019.

Like in the words of the legendary musician, Bob Marley: “How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?” That is the question every sane Nigerian that has ever at any point claimed to have the interest of Nigeria at heart should be asking conscientiously instead of pretentiously walloping is grave silence that may soon engulf us all if nothing is done about it.

These and more are the submissions and opinions of the Director-General of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, regarding the latest developments in our nation, Nigeria.

Dr. Kalu has in a Press Statement signed by his Aide on Media and Publicity, Comr. Amos Kalu condemned the spate of injustices and one-sided obedience to the law that has characterized the Buhari/APC-Led Federal Government since its inception in 2015 and encroachment from 2019. The dimension is such that we have never seen before in the history of our nation and it is worrisome that no single human being is talking about it. But when Buhari has fully destroyed our religious institutions and every other thing we hold dear as a nation, what else will he be destroying if not us that are silently being led to the altar of destruction like the sacrificial lambs we have become?

“I received with shock, the news that a religious movement by the Shi’ite Muslims, otherwise known as IMN has been proscribed by Buhari and termed a terrorist group for asking that Buhari should obey a law passed by a competent Nigeria court to release their leader El-zakzaky who has been in jail in perpetuity because Buhari so desire.

“I do not support riot and destruction of properties as recently experienced in Abuja between this group and our security operatives which has led to the loss of innocent lives, but this is a situation that could’ve been avoided if our dear Buhari had as common as obeyed the ruling of the high court that has severally granted this man and Dasuki bail.

“It thrives on hypocrisy and tyranny that Buhari who chose to jettison the law passed by the Federal High Court of Nigeria can go back to the same High court to obtain an experte order proscribing the IMN and instantly decided to apply it. If he had applied the bail condition for these men, will Nigeria be at this crossroads? Still, everybody seems to be okay with that. This is the greatest display of evil and wickedness that has characterized the heart of the back man which in turn has constituted the backwardness of Africa as a continent.

“What is the crime of this man El-zakzaky? After losing his wife who was shot 4 times, losing his 7 sons, and losing sight in one eye, what more prices is he supposed to pay for what offense?” He quarried.

In her judgment for proscribing IMN, the judge claimed that IMN has continued to bring a negative image to Nigeria across the globe and I say it is a blatant lie. “What are the Herdsmen who kill our mothers and rape our women bringing to us? What are the bandits (as they have been re-Christened) bringing to us? What dent has openly rigging a free and fair election brought to us as a nation? Why is Buhari obeying one part of the law while jettisoning others? Why has Buhari reduced our judicial system to ply of tissue paper? I need genuine answers”.

“Nigeria laws have been raped in the open, our way of life has been eroded and our dignity as a nation has been smeared in the mud just so that a singular man called Buhari and his co-travelers can do with Nigeria as they please.

“Until we begin to speak up as a free people we will never be free. Until we begin to stand tyranny and call it by its name, our pride as a nation will continue to be thrown to the dogs. In a sane nation around the world, no government has ever proscribed a religious movement simply because they don’t agree with your opinion.

“Shi’ite has been caught in cross-fire with the laws because they are demanding the release of their leader which is a fundamental human right enshrined in Nigeria constitution. Proscribing them for calling on Buhari to obey the ruling of a Nigerian court is the highest level of insensitivity and if not well managed may swallow us all.

“Let the men of goodwill, if there are any left, speak up against this injustice because injustice to one is an injustice to all. That Buhari will continue to proscribe unarmed groups while shielding the deadly herdsmen who have been termed 4th deadliest terrorist groups in the world is what beats my imagination” He said.

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