Alleged Ohafia Bomb Blast; the other angle to the story

by Amos Kalu

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When on Saturday 5th May, 2018 we woke up to a disturbing headline that the Ohafia house of former Minister for Finance Chief Kalu Idika Kalu was visited with multiple explosions that nearly took his life and that of his amiable wife, my heart was wrath with fear, anger and apprehension.

As Ohafian, I jumped into the story as it was trending and did justice to it because it was the biggest breaking News of the day, carried by nearly all the tabloids and online platforms.

Few hours after the post, I received a called from a friend asking when such incidence happened in Ohafia, it was then I observed that from the post, the date was put as 29th March, 2018. The caller later said that there was an incident that occurred during the Easter Holiday that involved fire outbreak, stating that he was surprised to hear there was a bomb blast almost 2 months after.

I managed to explain my involvement, telling him that the matter was under investigation and maybe, just maybe, that is the reason the incidence was hidden till after investigation, according to the news. Then again I realized from the story that there has not been any outcome of the investigation after 2 months as explained in the story. This raised further questions in my mind.


  1. If there was fire (Sic) incidence in Ohafia on 29th march, 2018. Why would in make a National Headline on 5th May, 2018?
  2. Why is this publicity stunt coming after announcement that 4 Attack Jets has been deployed to tackle security problems in the South East? The only area that has so far remained one of the most peaceful part of Nigeria for decades?
  3. Is there any relationship between the Bomb in Nnia Nwodo’s House and this much publicized one?
  4. Why is this news coming over one month and 5 days behind Sunday, 29th April, 2018 in the country home of Chief Nnia Nwodo. An incident that occurred exactly one month and 5 days after it?
  5. Is there any plan to establish that Igbo Land needs more security even as they are experiencing the highest military check point in all the land?
  6. Is the speculation right that the publicity stunt and the sending 4 fighter jets to a much relatively peaceful East instead of the herdsmen-crisis-infested North-Central (Middle Belt) has anything to do with the usual IPOB 30th May event that has continued to trouble the power that be?
  7. Is t not somehow that the two stories of Nnia Nwodo House Bombing and Kalu Idika Kalu follow-up both originally came from Sun Newspaper?

Of course, the people needs security, which of course is the primary duty of the Police. But the presence of the military in this part of Nigeria has been so intimidating that it begins to worry the civilian populace. It gives a disturbing atmosphere on a land under occupation.

I may not be giving answers to all the questions above, but these are loud thoughts that got me worried after I hit the road down to Ohafia to get an on the spot assessment of the alleged bombing, as well as oral interview with few residence.

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Please don’t ask me the outcome, because I don’t know. But it is high time we begin to place certain news in balance to ensure we are not helping to trigger sense of insecurity among our people. Visit the house of Chief Kalu Idika Kalu and write your own news.

Mr. Ngwobia Kalu Oti – Wrote from Ohafia

Disclaimer – The opinions expressed here are entirely the idea of the author and so does not in any way repsent opinions of OhafiaTV or any of her staff.


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