Emeka Kalu Extols Atiku Abubakar’s Understanding of Nigeria’s Needs

by Amos Kalu

Director General, Atikulated Agenda (AA), a group of Nigerians supporting the aspiration of former Nigeria’s Vice President, Atiku Abubakar for 2019 presidential election Chief (Dr.) Emeka Kalu has extolled the wisdom and understanding expressed by the former VP expressed in an interview which centered on how Atiku can get Nigeria working again if he emerges the country’s first gentleman.
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Emeka said that what got him more confident that Atiku is the right man for the presidency at this time is that Atiku ideas captured two central issues which are pivotal in having a peaceful and resourceful Nigeria.

He said, “I read Atiku Abubakar’s interaction with Bayo Akinloye and reassured myself that Nigeria is really in for a great turn around for good if the Turaki of Adamawa (Atiku) wins the 2019 general election which he will by the grace of God. His passion for jobs creation and building of industries across the country rhymes with the two major indices that will get Nigeria working again.”

He continues, “should the former vice president emerge victorious in the 2019 presidential election, that will be the first time Nigeria will have a successful business man and an astute industrialist as president. Nigerians wanted that in MKO Abiola but were denied that opportunity even as they voted massively for him. The rest is history. This time, we are putting all our supports for Atiku and we will surely vote him into the presidential villa in 2019.”

He emphasised that the Adamawa born former custom deputy comptroller, business man and industrialist has met success in his endeavors and would find it easy to apply that wisdom in making the economy of the country contain the needs of the citizens.

He said, “Atiku is a business man. He is a success in his business. If he is a fisherman and is telling us about blacksmithing, we will take him for a joke. No one takes his car to a tailor for maintenance. Nigeria is backward when it comes to industries. Atiku has built industries and these industries have Nigerians on its employment, according to him, in tens of thousands. If his CV says so and it is obvious, why won’t he deliver. It is not best to give a lawyer the responsibility of power and housing, that is not his area of expertise. Or a linguist the responsibility of Agriculture, he can’t do the job. Round pegs should be on round holes.”

Emeka said that one of the chief reasons why younger Nigerians are taking to crimes is due to their non engagement in profitable ventures like employments.

He said, “No sane person will take to crime when there is an opportunity there for him to earn a good living. It is quite disheartening that we have our young ones graduate as engineers, architects, doctors, and other vocations but are abandoned while construction jobs and the likes are contracted to foreigners. It is sabotage to our GDP. My heart was in good beat when I read Atiku’s view on this aspect when he stated that “if our youths are busy building roads, mass housing, power stations, dams and schools, they will not have time to be Book Haram, militants or kidnappers”.

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