Dalung slams Nuhu Ribadu for overprotecting Tinubu – “Do you have something to hide?”

by Amos Kalu

The National Security Adviser (NSA), Nuhu Ribadu, has come under criticism from Solomon Dalung, a former minister of sports and youth development, for allegedly attempting to overprotect President Bola Tinubu.

He maintained that Tinubu’s supporters were always exerting all of their might to go after anyone who showed sincere concern for the state of affairs in the nation.

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In an interview with Arise Television, Dalung expressed his reservations.

He further stated that he and others were attempting to make the President unreachable and that Ribadu’s blame game demonstrates that he has something to cover up.

He stated that “the administration of President Tinubu seemed indistinguishable from the same grasp on power and fortification by individuals within the corridors of power.” I say this because their words and body language suggest that they are more likely to overprotect the President and expend all of their energy attacking anyone who could even be legitimately raising an issue that needs to be taken seriously.

“Let me start with the National Security Advisor, who introduced this and has no right to start a campaign of assigning blame. That suggests that he is attempting to overprotect the President and that he has something to hide from Nigerians. Therefore, some people have prevented others from reaching the president. I’m attempting to provide evidence to support what I said at the time when Plateau State was on fire and people were being killed.

Dalung went on to say that he and a group of Christian leaders from Fulani-Hausa decided to meet with Ribadu to discuss the state of affairs in the nation.

But according to the former minister, the NSA ignored his calls and didn’t respond to his WhatsApp messages.

“As the leader, I organised opinion leaders among the Christian Fulani-Hausa leaders, and we had a discussion before deciding to meet with the National Security Advisor.

They put their trust in me to move them, and part of this delegation consisted of active members of the state House of Assembly. We drove to the National Security Adviser’s office, but upon arriving at the gate, they stopped us and demanded that we call him to receive clearance.

“I called him multiple times, but he didn’t answer, and I sent him multiple texts, but he didn’t reply. He didn’t reply to the multiple WhatsApp texts I sent him. Ultimately, this group returned to Jos with all of its wonderful goals,” he continued.

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