I’m alone now, subject to all kinds of mockery. Betty,  wife of Akeredolu cries out.

by Amos Kalu

The widow of the late Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, the former governor of Ondo State, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, has expressed that her loss would be deeply felt.

The widow said that she will be subjected to ridicule from the public as a result of Akeredolu’s passing in her eulogy for her late husband.

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Betty claims that a lot of people thought her late husband was weak because of his love for her, especially those who were considered to be close to him.

She stated in the tribute that the reason the state’s citizens despised her was because of her tribe and the way she and Akeredolu loved one another.

“This is me, your very cute Betty. You abruptly stopped being around me! It aches a lot. It aches.

“Alone now to deal with jeers of all kinds from both enemies and so-called friends.”

Because you liked me, many people did not attack you and say you were a weakling. Go! Is it possible for an Amotekun generalisto to be weak? Mbanuu! Nau, it doesn’t add up.

“Haba! Do they even know what love is, by the way? Not in my opinion. Growing up, kids witnessed their mothers being treated like doormats in their households. as if they were punchbags.

“They took their wives and used the template to treat them like easily discarded furniture.

Gender-based violence was the norm across the country, and in many cases, the subjugation was accompanied by beatings while the community turned a blind eye and remained unfazed. Even as a governor, you would end up in jail in a civilised world if you beat your spouse.

They find it amazing that a Nigerian man can adore his spouse. One Oyibo man is all that matters to them. The fact that a Yoruba man can love his Igbo wife enrages them. How is it possible? Igbo lasan, lasan!

“To them, the only man who loves is an Oyibo man. We were drawn together by love at first sight, biko. Be Juju, please! Na, sweetheart, get me to cross the Niger. It came out that the initial affection was sincere and unadulterated. You were pleased to express it. You showed it with pride. We were a team, and you were even more delighted to tell the Ondo State people. Declaring to your people that “you voted for one but got two” was bold of you.

We didn’t agree on one thing, though. faith. You were devout and flaunted your religious beliefs. I’m not. without regrets. You felt irritated. However, we were able to resolve the issue by using our communication abilities.

“You accepted my stance on religion and appreciated my pragmatic decision. And a calm house we created by loving each other while also accepting each other’s quirks and encouraging each other’s professional paths.

“Everyone is singing along to your radio jingle about how brave and fearless you were.”

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