Beneficiaries of OUK’s Free Education Scheme, IHS Sets, Throws Weight Behind Mascot Uzor

by Amos Kalu

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A group of concerned sets of the Ibeku High School, Umuahia, whom according to them, were beneficiaries of the Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, free education scheme, had called on Chief Mascot Kalu, not to relent in his mission to restore the lost glory of Abia State, following the attack on him, by opponents that he’s Dr Orji Uzor Kalu’s brother.

Speaking in their meeting that inaugurated the committee for the planning and preparation for their end of year gatherings scheduled for 26th December 2022, majority, among the set of the classes of Ibeku High School Umuahia, said that identifying with Chief Mascot Kalu, of the All People’s Party, gubernatorial candidates is a sure step towards replicating the free education scheme, his brother, Dr Orji Kalu, gave to all students, while he was the governor of Abia State.

The mixture of the set of 02, 03, 04, 05 and 2006 of the Ibeku high school, one of the most populated schools in the heart of Umuahia, the capital city, noted that no amount of side talk against Chief Mascot, nor been linked to his brother, Dist. Sen. Orji Kalu, can change the usefulness of Chief Mascot Kalu, in the 2023 governorship race. Mr Chika Ariwodo, the President of the Association, who spoke on behalf of the sets, Said;

“We sympathies with those saying that Chief Mascot Kalu, is Orji Uzor Kalu’s, brother, to discredit Chief Mascot, ahead of the governorship elections. Such assertions are enough to say, we need more orientations on our judgments about people. What has Dr Orji Kalu, got to do with Chief Mascot Kalu?

“Let’s digress a little here, What are the wrongs of Orji Kalu, when he was governor? Was it wrong for Orji Kalu, to have given us free education while he was governor? We all benefited from the free education of Orji Kalu’s administration. We will not shot our mouth on such issues. What possibly, can anyone hold against Orji Uzor Kalu, to be translated negatively on Chief Mascot Kalu?

“We were told that Orji Kalu, was this, he was that. All over the media, they used photoshops, cut and joined pictures to cajole Abians, into believing them that Orji Kalu is bad. They said Orji Kalu, was sitting on-top of Abia state money, that the allocations of the state was divided into two and that half was given to Orji Kalu and his family, as such, they said pensioners can no longer be paid, teachers were owed and that there’s no money for projects. All these they said!

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“What happened after all those public smear on Orji Kalu’s image? Were pensioners paid? What of teachers and other civil servants, were they paid? Point at any useful policy nor developments you can boast of from the time Orji Kalu left Office, done by his successors, to have kept Abia state in such unethical situations, among states of the federation?

“Would they also tell us that Sen Orji Kalu, is also sitting on-top of Abia North people’s money, with his unprecedented performance in just four (4) years as a Senator, representing his District?

“The reverse should be the case here, about people’s thoughts of Abians, on the candidature of Chief Mascot Kalu. we are beginning to develop more confidence on Chief Mascot Kalu, to deliver, worth more than Orji Kalu, delivered while he was governor. Chief Mascot, has all it takes to vigorously turn around things in Abia state. He’s mentally balance, young and well educated. His accounting knowledge is highly needed also in regards to improving Abia state IGR and the economy.

“We cry everyday, when we see how far, state like Ebonyi, have left Abia State (the mother state) behind in development and in other areas of governance. Chief Mascot Kalu can be trusted to rescue Abia State again and reposition the state on the path of glory as God’s own state.

“As for those wallowing in the sentiments of Chief Mascot Kalu, been the brother of Dist. Sen Orji Kalu, as a way to discredit him, we, who benefited from Orji Kalu’s free education and free medical care scheme, would be glad to have the DNA of Orji Kalu, to become governor of Abia state, come 2023. We are proud to identify with Chief Mascot Kalu.” He said.

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