Abia Guber 2023: Executive Job Opening – Who’s Qualified?

by Amos Kalu

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A mission has been set, the mandate is to rescue Abia State from underdevelopment, backwardness, impunity and recycling of leaders lacking in knowledge of administrative ideas to move her forward in 2023, the “T”s are crossed, the ” I”s are dotted and the electorates must perform this civic duty of re-engineering Abia state to restore her glory among federating states of Nigeria.

Who we are

Called Abia State – God’s own State.
Perceived as one of the most economically viable areas of Africa on creation into a State of FRN in August 27, 1991.

With the most potent, untapped human resource in Africa, waiting to be unleashed.

Have a history that our forebears never gave in to adversity or hardship.
Hold the industrial and commercial heartbeat of Igboland.

Where we are

Infrastructure comatose
Education infrastructure, curriculum, damaged.

Health system in utter disrepair
Confidence of our People at the lowest, shoulders dropped.

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Some Abia workers are owed 30 months salaries or more.

We are owing all academic institutions in the state, owing Teaching Hospital, owing pensioners running into months, and many of them are dying. Recently, our top institutions lost accreditations.

Confusion over receipt of Paris club refund, In the media, Abia is receiving another N5 billion. 2021 Abia received N5B from oil and gas 13% derivation.
Population increasing, income receding, poverty increasing, unemployment increasing.

Local and foreign debt stock showing fiscal irresponsibility, to be mild
Citizen protests are stifled, mind you.
Legislators are hand in bag with the Executives, citizens left to roast.

According to NBS figures for 2019, sadly Abia State is not in the top 10 in IGR generated. While other states grew IGR from 2018 to 2019, Abia State IGR declined.

As in Nigeria, unemployment rate after Q4 2020 is at 33.3%, one of the highest in the world (The Economist)
Poverty on the increase – majority of Abians live on less than $1.9 per day.

A fast growing population in a receding land mass, restive youths who feel that their hard working parents and relations and teachers have been abused by Abia governments

Unrest due to feeling of marginalization by rest of the country
Security challenges

Our medical doctors migrating to other countries

Our best brains are leaving for greener pastures overseas (a.k.a. Japa )

Our little children are sent to primary and secondary schools in Canada, Ireland, USA because our educational system is broken.

The Person

Understands our (past) history.
If you don’t believe you can press water out of a stone, if you don’t believe that you can cross the ocean on foot, if you don’t believe that dry bones in the wilderness can receive flesh and live again, then you cannot govern God’s own State from May 29, 2023, you are not the person we seek.

With you in the saddle, between 2023 and 2031, Abia must grow IGR by 600% or even 1000%.

Must hit the ground running from day one, May 29, 2023. First tenure lasts for 4 years, renewable for another 4 years (2nd tenure) only as Abia people will decide based on your performance.
Passionate, visionary, servant leader, yet transformative.

Has clear programs for Abia’s development
Has a clear idea of the future s/he wants to bequeath and able to communicate it.

Are you the person?

If yes, please follow this link www.abiapeopledecide.org/ and apply.

Any way, Abia State NNPP has considered and applied because her Governorship Candidate ticks all the boxes.

Vote Dr Ukpai Iro Ukpai for Governor Abia State

Vote NNPP (where you have drawn a basket full of fresh fruits)


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