Vote Ukpai Iro Ukpai: Man With Practical Answers To Abia Departmental Questions

by Nigerian slangs and their meaningKalu Odinakachi

A closer look at the list of all Abia Guber candidates, you will notice that it’s either a number of the candidates have been involved in the affairs of the state, (as beneficiaries of the broken system) or they do not have a track record of sound leadership and administrative dexterity needed to translate their claims into material and evidential reality, in the aggregate interest of the state and its people. It is conveniently impractical “to give what you don’t have”.

If we want things to change in Abia State, we must vote for that one person that has the leadership compass and governance bearing to chart a better, development-centred, and people-oriented course, and usher in a governance system with a human face in Abia State; a person who has the template of the solution to the state’s longstanding socio-economic problems.

Others are just trying and testing the ground and hoping someone will believe in them and vote for them, even though their mandate lacks direction. I still maintain that the person who has the distinctive competence, the leadership acumen, and the intellectual stimulus; the person who has shown us that he knows what the problems of our state are, and has a template of solutions to them is Dr Ukpai Iro Ukpai.

Ndi Abia, “why don’t we believe him, support him and vote him in, to liberate our state?”

This is the opportunity we have to rewrite the history of our dear state and to change the obnoxious and nefarious narrative thereof.

Dr Ukpai Iro Ukpai is the answer; NNPP Is the PARTY; 2023 Is the YEAR; ABIA STATE GOVERNMENT HOUSE Is the DESTINATION!

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Dr. Ukpai Campaign Organisation (DUCO)

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