Dr Sam Urges Christians To Be More Involved In Politics For True Change

by Amos Kalu

I am a man of faith and I make bold to say that, I am not afraid to show or profess my faith anywhere, anytime.

I believe it is about time people of faith embraced politics and with one voice and one body change the layers of engagement in governance. When God-fearing people keep saying they don’t want to get into the murky waters of politics then I am afraid the waters would become even murkier and we would all be the losers.

Countries that have held God aloft as the symbol of their authority and the fulcrum upon which governance revolves have prospered beyond words. I am emotionally and psychologically dedicated to ensuring the prosperity of all Arochukwu LGA people and with God as our guide, we are right on track to achieving that Divine mission.

I believe that my mission and assignment in this Constituency is divinely inspired, little wonder we called our successful campaign Organization Divine Mandate 2023.

Abia State is a decidedly Christian State and as such, we must demand and expect from our leaders a reflection of Godly values in their governance style.We must not be shy to use our strength and beliefs to effect change; we must not sit idly by, and allow certain entities who have relegated God to the background come to convince you that they are the right people to lead you; we must look through them, the friends they keep, the values and strength of character they exhibit and the way they feel towards the poor and the needy. These are fundamental issues that the Christian community must not overlook.

If and when voted, as a devoted member of the Assemblies of God Church, as a believer of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, I will ensure that my governance style is reflected of the true Christian values.

I did it before in Israel as written in 1 Samuel 3. I will do it again in Arochukwu Constituency. Choose me. Vote for me.

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