DSP should stop the fight; join hands to build Guinea Bissau as a patriot

by OHAFIA TV Newsadmin

It is very clear and understandable that illegality can exist in the discharge of duties of institutions of any nation, especially if the circumstances surrounding the event in discourse is germaine, weighed from all scales.

In this campaign of division being sponsored by Domingos Simoes Pereira with his retinue of online soldiers on social media; One may ask “why is the decision of the CNE considered illegal by DSP and his camp because it does not accept the coup being plotted by him against a free and fair election monitored by all, including international observers where USE clearly won? Considering the fact that CNE is a body laden with the legitimate duty of conducting and satisfying the election which it has done repeatedly as a responsible body.

Why is the STJ attempt to cancel a legally established election result considered legal by the DSP camp when it is putting itself as partisan part of PAIGC with the singular purpose of thwarting the will of the people by imposing DSP upon the people that openly rejected him at the polls?

I see the problem is that we allowed our brains to be manipulated by men seeking sympathy through intrumentality of the state machinaries embed in lies, misinformation and deception as typified by DSP and PAIGC.

It is hypocrisy for PAIGC to eventually remember that they’re saviours of RGB after 47 years of political backwardness for the republic only after they’ve been defeated by a 47 years old son of the land who was born when their escapade started.

It will be wiser if Domingos stop his campaign of calumny and join hands with other patriots to move Republic of Guinea Bissau faward.

There’s no place it was written in the foundation of Guinea Bissau that DSP must serve GB in the capacity of president. His party PAIGC hard the control of the state machinaries throughout the election, including Prime Minister (nominated by himself), STJ (Supreme Court), CNE (Electoral Body) and every other arms of the government, including the ministry of interior and he still came out boldly to continue to announce to the world that the election he handled was rigged against him by a New Party. The question now is HOW POSSIBLE?

Then, having failed to robe all the others in because they saw the fairness of the election, he now resorted to using the STJ (Surpeme Court) order to cancel the election to be recounted by only him allies who were there when the process was concluded in the first place, especially the same CNE that had issued over 3 communique affirming the results. What an irony?

I can reasonably conclude that DSP is suffering from defeatist syndrome and self imposed superiority complex that is driving him to destruction.

If he really meant good for the people from whom he keep manipulating with wrong information to scury their sympathy, it is time to stop the social media instigations against a legitimate government and contribute his quota to the progress of Guinea Bissau.

A bad leaders cannot handle failure, but a worse leader find it difficult to handle defeat. He must not be a combination of both because there’s always a second chance for every well meaning patriot in the affair of every sovereignty.

Comr Amos Kalu – Afk

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