The Role of French Ambassador; Aiding DSP to Plunge Guinea Bissau Into Political Crisis

by OHAFIA TV Newsadmin

During the election of 29th December, 2019, PAIGC had control of Guiné-Bissau electoral body CNE, Ministry of interior, Police, Military, STJ, Finance and every other functioning arms of the government and the Prime Minister was a direct appointee of PAIGC, masterminded by DSP himself.

If notwithstanding these arsenal at their disposal, a newly formed party, MADEM G-15 succeeded in breaking the 47 years jinx of holding unto power by PAIGC, it should be gentlemanly for them to accept defeat and give peace a chance.

For the many years of controlling the republic, it has been story of poverty, squalor, illiteracy, backwardness, and visionless policies. But within a month, the 47 years old Umaro Sissoco Embalo through his many diplomatic tours has beamed searchlight of progress and partnership back to his country and the world is ready to work with him to liberate his nation.

As sweet and promising as this may sound to the good of the people of Guinea Bissau, some stronger interests seems to be bent on ensuring that the republic is never rescued from the shackles of indirect colonization which interests in France, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Cote D’ivoire and few other bourgeoises represent are never broken in the history of the republic.


Mandated by Aristides Gomes, the French ambassador to Guinea-Bissau decided to remove his diplomat’s cape to be part of the group of the axis of evil.
It was more than 04 hours that the ectro lasted, 19 of February, 2020, between the said ambassador and the sold out President of the STJ, Paulo Sanhá, where the following resolution came out: Annulled the elections won by General Umaro Sissoco Embaló.

Immediately, Paulo Sanhá called his followers and sold Judge Counselors, Rui Nené and Osires Ferreira, because Armindo Vieira (Mota) is on the mound, in the presence of Paulo Sanha’s Chief of Staff, Arafam Mané, whom he will have reported of the decision taken.

It is known that Prime Minister Aristides Gomes is France’s security agent in Guinea-Bissau and is doing everything to defend the DSP’s undisputed interests with France in order to prevent the election of the elected President.

DSP threatened the people, the institutions of the Republic, ECOWAS and fled to Portugal.
The sold out Paulo Sanha issues an illegal judgment, violating the Constitution of the Republic and the electoral law, and will flee this night to Egypt and then to Portugal.

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