by Amos Kalu

By Bar. Nworah Patrick

I have no problems with Buhari’s demeanor and reluctant body language while hundreds of Nigerians are killed because of mere Cow.

My problem is with the lost “Youths” that still defend this “democratic disgrace” of a man.

My problem is with the likes of Fr. Ejike Mbaka who claimed he heard God ask we vote this man for good. I wonder if God foresee this killing of Christians under this regime, and still require we vote it in. Now they are silent expectedly.

My problem is why i can’t still see our Heavy weight Pastors condemn this killing profoundly the way they criticized Daddy Freeze for attacking the payment of Tithe in church. Yet, some youths will defend them as if God has been attacked-the moment you call for their concerned voices.

I honestly have no problem with African Christianity, but I have serious problem with the men it is entrusted to as it’s custodians in Africa. They are blinded and derailed by their own selfishnes.

It is obvious Politicians are presently attacked for speaking out. Religious leaders-as custodians of the public’s conscience should rise and speak. The time is come.

I have problem with our Celebrities who should use their popularity at a time like this to gain international audience. Obviously they don’t show the on-going massacre in our local news! Neither will Facebook allow some of us post the pictures we intend to attach to our posts. Nigerian government has compromised Mark Zuckerberg the red Albino, CNN- the fake news, with the aid of Britain and some interested Countries whose economic interests has rotten her conscience.

My problem is within my deep worry on how Britain introduced Christianity as a “liberation Religion” to us, and yet work in Alliance with Muslims for decades to subject Nigerian Christians to perpetual agony.

Let us all hit the Streets in protest! Let the University schools close down, let the banks be blocked from operation, let the Ministries suspend it’s functions, let parents keep their kids back home. Let the oil be on break. We must find a way to make this leaders listen. They are constitutionally accountable to us even if they rigged themselves in there. Let’s quit acting like all is well.

Nigeria is under serious attack! The conspiracy is real!

Patrick Nworah

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