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Ohafia News and the People

Ohafia is a town and local government area in Abia State, Nigeria. It is an igbo speaking region. The ancestral capital of Ohafia is located in the village of Elu. The Ohafia Local Government Area also includes the towns of Abiriba and Nkporo. Historically, Ohafia people left Andoli and settled in Isi-Eke, from where they ran away one night, when they heard the rattling sound of calabashes. The sound was interpreted to mean that they were being invaded which lead to a commotion, as some of them escaped toward Ngodo and others went towards Isuochi. At one point, some of them headed towards Abam leading the group heading to Abam, was a man known as Ezeama Atita, and Onyereobi Ezeama

According to oral history, the ancestors of Ohafia were renowned to be mighty men of war who were always on the lookout for wars to take part in. The Ohafia warrior tradition which remains one of the fundamental identity of the people of Ohafia is hinged on the performance of ikpirikpa ogu – the practice of beheading a fallen enemy.


What inspired Ohafia News

The historical chronicles of Ohafia as a people can be said to be a story of legendary in many respects and this warrior traits have been inherited by Ohafia generations through their progenitors and translated into ingenuity in entrepreneurship, academic, bureaucracy, industry, politics, business etc and this has made Ohafia people to remain a proud race to present day.

They are known to be warriors in every aspects of human endeavor and have remained a force to recorn with in the affairs of Abia State, Nigeria and indeed Africa and rest of the world. It was this passion for greatness and valor of Ohafia nation that inspired the concept of Ohafia TV News that later metamorphosed into a multi-media empire.

Birth of Ohafiatv News

Motivated by the love for Ohafia and the desire to contribute his quota in promotion of the uniqueness called “Ohafia”, Comr Amos Kalu (Fairymonk), a son of Ohafia from Okon-Aku Autonomous Community founded the News platform in 2015. But due to unpreparedness and inexperience in the blogging industry, the first online platform packed up within a year but the idea never died.

This challenge spurred Comr Amos Kalu to enroll for training in website development after which he re-initiated the idea in 2016 but fund couldn’t let it manifest till around August of 2016 when a young lady called from Ghana and introduced herself as Dazzlin Ukpai from Amangwu Ohafia, a graduate of Abia State University, but runs her business in Ghana. Her concern was why she stopped seeing Ohafiatv online after a while. When she got the explanation of what happened, she offered to pay the N7,000 that was left to float the online platform again, she requested for an account and instantly sent the N7,000.

Comr Amos Kalu and OhafiaTV

According to the founder of Ohafiatv, the N7,000 was actually the first money out of about N25,000 at stake as he never knew the lady will take the challenge. It became a big motivation for him to find a way out because he cannot afford to explain to a young lady he has never met that Ohafiatv has remained offline because the money he said he needed N7,000 to complete was not actually at hand.

Long story short, the platform resurfaced on August, 2016 and has never slacked again till today where is it already ranking high among Nigeria online tabloids and one of the best in Abia State ahead of most of its contemporaries.


The Bigger Picture of Ohafiatv News

As a matter of fact, the purpose for birthing rhe Ohafiatv platform was primarily to serve News concerning Ohafia people and Abia State to the world to further put the warrior race in the cyber map, but overtime, demand grew broader to take a more nationalistic outlook of also serving National and international audience without losing focus on the mark which has brought a blend that has even further promoted the concept of Ohafia News.

Presently, OHAFIATV.COM can boast of correspondence in Uganda, Togo, Ghana, Guiné-Bissau, Tanzania and constant collaboration with many foreign establishments that has continued to boost the reach.

With present proposal from a United States based businessman who is poised to inject some couple of dollars into the idea to promote the Ohafia brand to a more encompassing and nationalistic platform that can compete with most mainstream tabloid, the prospects can only be said to be encouraging.

To boot, Ohafiatv for Ohafia News is a product of strong determination and passion born out of consistency and love for Ohafia. For 4 years, Comr Amos Kalu has single handedly financed, managed, built, edited, maintained, run and nurtured Ohafiatv to a household name. There is high optimism that 2021 going forward will be a greater success story when board of directors take over to manage the proposed expantional investment.

We must continue.

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