Leadership Remains Our Major Problem – Dr Kalu

by Amos Kalu

By: Emeka C. Kalu

Let me start by quoting The late Chinua Achebe in the The TROUBLE With NIGERIA,

“The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership. There is nothing basically wrong with Nigerian land or climate or water or air or anything else. The Nigeria problem is the unwillingness or inability of its leaders to rise to the responsibility,  to the challenges of personal examples which are the hallmark of true leadership”.

Evidently, the things we see manifest in Nigeria point to a lack in good leadership as reason for the current downing of things in the country. No doubt, this has made it necessary for Nigerians to clamour for a change of government.

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The youths are yearning for change, they have even come as far as threatening to take leadership from the aged. But, the understanding of leadership along with an experience leading will eventually earn Nigeria credible leadership. Allowing the youths some affirmative positions to secure and represent the country along with our experience leaders can go along way in checking the excess of bad leadership in Nigeria.

I have been interacting with Nigerians, especially younger Nigerians. They want a peaceful Nigeria, they want Nigeria to grow its GDP to strengthen the Naira, they want our ailing industries to bounce back, they want to have jobs, they want to see to a sharp reduction in the rate of death witnessed along the deserts and Mediterranean as they risk departing the country. When I ask them, what is the quicker way to actualizing this, they tilt for Atiku Abubakar to become first the candidate of the opposing political party in the country, which is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) so they can massively support and vote for him to emerge as president of Nigeria and address these problems.

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For us to have that Nigeria of our dream, the 36 states governors must wake up to their responsibility to see that even if the federal government do less than expected of it, funds allocated to them injudiciously use for the people. Our law makers should see to making progressive national laws, laws that are directly changing things in the country. Nigerians on their own part should endeavor to obey laws, abide by government policies and programmes. Ensure that they are true Nigerians who are clamoring for a true federal republic of Nigeria.

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Chief Dr. Emeka Charles Kalu ~ ECK
DG of Atikulated Agenda 2019
[email protected]

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