Kalu lists 8 things PDP Governors must do to revive party, or…

by Amos Kalu

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria is currently facing a critical moment, and its governors must put aside their differences and work together towards a common goal. Harmonization is essential for the party’s survival and success. Here’s why:

1. Unity of purpose: PDP governors must align their interests and priorities to strengthen the party’s position at the national level.

PDP Peoples Democratic Party

2. Effective governance: By collaborating, governors can share best practices, expertise, and resources to improve governance and delivery of public services in their respective states.

3. Political strategy: A united front will enable PDP governors to develop a cohesive political strategy, countering opposition and advancing the party’s agenda.

4. Conflict resolution: Harmonization will help resolve internal conflicts, fostering a culture of dialogue and collaboration.

5. Strengthening party structures: By working together, governors can revitalize and strengthen PDP’s grassroots presence, enhancing its ability to mobilize support and win elections.

6. Economic development: Through collaboration on economic policies and initiatives, PDP governors can drive growth, job creation, and prosperity in their states and the nation at large.

7. Representation and influence: A united PDP will amplify the voices of its governors, enabling them to effectively represent their states and shape national policies.

8. Democratic stability: By putting aside their differences, PDP governors can contribute to Nigeria’s democratic stability, demonstrating that diverse interests can work together for the greater good.

In conclusion, harmonization among PDP governors is crucial for the party’s success, effective governance, and Nigeria’s democratic advancement. By working together, they can overcome challenges, achieve common goals, and build a stronger, more prosperous Nigeria.

From the Desk of Chief Dr Emeka kalu
PDP faithful.

Emeka Kalu..
Emeka Kalu..

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