The Northern Plan to Drive Out Igbos: Another Ineffective Provocation Against the Southeast

by Amos Kalu

During the rough time of Former President Buhari’s rule, the unfair treatment of Ndigbo reached a disgusting high point. A vile scheme was made to use state-sponsored litigation to force the people of Southeast Nigeria to leave Nigeria, taking their property even in the middle of the North, in Abuja.

This legal attack was a sneaky part of Buhari’s “Fulanization agenda,” which was cleverly planned by his cronies with the help of Northern powerbrokers, especially the Northern Governors. Working in secret, they gave the COALITION OF NORTHERN GROUPS the covert support and organisational help they needed to carry out their evil plan against Ndigbo and at the same time, sending dangerous Fulani herders into the peaceful and wealthy Southeast wasn’t an accident; it was done on purpose to cause trouble among the peaceful people who lived there.

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Ndigbo paid close attention as the second wave of provocation began with the covert funding of a legal fight against them by leaders of the NORTHERN ELDERS FORUM and AREWA CONSULTATIVE FORUM, acting through their shady agents, the COALITION OF NORTHERN GROUPS. Former President Buhari carefully oversaw this horrible plot against Ndigbo to cause trouble in the Southeast, make the area less stable, and make them feel very bad about themselves.

Justice Inyang Edem Ekwo of the Federal High Court in Abuja correctly threw out the baseless suit calling for the expulsion of Igbos from the Southeast because the plaintiffs had not been seen for a long time to back up their claims. In response, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzuro, Secretary General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, called this a huge victory for Ndigbo both at home and in the diaspora. This victory shows that the evil plots that the Buhari government has been working on against the strong people of Southeast are still failing.

Although Ndigbo had to deal with a lot of state-sponsored terrorism from Former President Buhari’s regime in order to make the region less stable, the plaintiffs in the suit to force the Abuja Federal High Court to rule in favour of forcing Igbos to leave Nigeria were noticeably absent because they were not getting any help or resources from Buhari or Northern politicians at the end of Buhari’s term. In the name of national peace and healing, Ndigbo sincerely asks these Northern groups not to file an appeal against the court’s decision. They are also calling for unity and mutual understanding across our country.

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