Okezie Ikpeazu’s Marriage With The Hellenist Witches – Opinion.

by Amos Kalu

By Odo Ijere

The immediate past failed governor of Abia State, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu is in my view presently ensconced with dangerous witches that trace their origins from the hellenist era of the ‘thane of fife’, of Macduff fame in William Shakespeare’s epic drama, Macbeth. These medieval witches in a rare kindred appearance must today be entertaining a prophetic engagement in the enchanted court of Victor Okezie Ikpeazu.

The witches you may agree with me are in a mission to make a hero of the despised, dishonorable and uncelebrated former governor. The prophetic dystopia of the witches which probably must be about the rise of the dry bones and rising from the ashes of past failures must have taken the better side of Victor Ikpeazu and his followers who appears very desperate to revisit history. But someone will die in this epic prophetic drama of the medieval spirits and game of ambition. If you want to know who will die, ask Macbeth in the William Shakespeare folklore.

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The protagonists of this bizarre drama of second chance will most probably have themselves to blame after they once again fall by their putative schemes into oblivion. How else are we to summarize their faith amidst a sudden upsurge of a new narratives of the wonders of Okezie Ikpeazu blistering our earlobes from all corners about his being a wonder kid, a wizkid hitherto unknown and undiscovered by the rest of of us, under reported, undervalued, under represented, and under followed.

I have seen all manner of writers or should I say pen undertakers teaching us new lessons, new facts and digging unverified data about what actually happened in Abia State under the smart but maligned reign of Ikpeazu. A totally comic reinvention if you ask me. All this just to attach his name to the new narratives in the New Abia.

Many of us never knew Ikpeazu and his followers could be this desperate for good names, good governance and for history. But the regalling distructive witches under their clutch now may be leading him and his mendaceous crew towards an uncharted territory for the imminent encounter with the end games.

We have heard from some of these pen enthusiasts how Ikpeazu started a transaction to buy a $5 million dollars shares from Geometric Power for Ndi Abia and left it midway after paying part of the amount required. We were also told how he invested N1.4 Billion out of a total of N1.9 Billion and just walked away without even asking for the share certificate of the fraction he paid for or are we to assume he abandoned the entire transaction?

We are here talking of an investment on behalf of a state, its people and its government. This is inspite of the fact that the state recorded in its books a revenue inflow of above N200 billion after the so called investment was enacted and yet he still was unable to complete what he started and failed to pay the balance of N500 million to seal the deal. Again what are we to call this?, one of Ikpeazu’s achievements and wonders? or just gross incompetence?

Will it be wrong for Professor Bart Nnaji to unseal the envelope and just return it to Abia State as running short of terms of agreement?, for breach of agreement and due process, inability to adhere to stipulations of MOU etcetera. The entire money dropped by Ikpeazu and his subservient staff should have been lost to incompetence.

Again we were told by the same bewitched sources that Ikpeazu escorted Bart Nnaji to South Africa to sign for a loan agreement for $50 Million USD only as a witness rather than a guarantor as is expected of a host state government benefitting from such private direct investment. I came to borrow money from you, and you just escorted me to someone else to lend me the money. That was what Ikpeazu did to Bart Nnaji and we’re also expected to venerate and beatify him for a job well done and for helping himself in yet another state funded tourism to enjoy himself in South Africa at all our expense. What we should actually be doing is to be putting all our papers and petitions together to drag Victor Ikpeazu to the EFCC and not this noise about what he did or did not do while in office.

Those that have initiated him into this evil dance of relevance with the witches will soon come to know that what really comes with having encounter with the witches is death. They should prepare for the worst.
To be Continued.

Dr. Engr Odo Ijere

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