Insurity In Africa: Why ECOWAS, AU, UN, should investigate Mysterious Airbus in Guinea-Bissau

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BISSAU: Amidst growing tension and apprehension in rising incidences of terrible insecurity plaguing Africa perennially without respite in sight, it has become expedient that Africans began to look inwards to review, ponder and identify possible approaches to curbing the menace eating up her fabrics and hindering every possible hope of development in the 21st Century and beyond, INSECURITY. An omen that has threatened her peace, opportunities and progress.

While reminiscing on the paths we had throd, it has become incumbent upon Africa leadership to ponder on the path ahead, placing in contrast, our errors, our gains, our roles and our possibilities of having a shot at peace and progress that will not be compromised by our actions and inactions as leaders with the destiny of our great continent to build and nurture to our full potential.

It is on this note that we draw the attention of relevant authorities to express worry at recent developments in Guinea-Bissau, a peaceful and serene country in West Africa, positioned as a window of Africa to the other continents of Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. A country with good potential and opportunities to develop and improve the welfare of its citizenry, but has been enmeshed in a plethora of leadership misdemeanours as the attention of the world seems not to be focused on her.

It is on record that Guinea-Bissau had in the past served as conduit-transit to most trade in drugs and arms, a trend that though it has denied the country of about 2million inhabitants of development, but has ensured her producing some of the most luxurious, rich and glamorous leaders in Africa at the detriment of the nation, even when there is no visible sign of evolving and progressive economy of sustainability.

When on the penultimate week, our attention was brought to an emerging danger that is capable of further deteriorating security in Africa, we made it incumbent upon ourselves to investigate and react accordingly, though the purpose of this analysis is never to point accusing fingers but to draw attention to some worrisome happenings.

According to our findings, a mysterious Airbus landed in Guinea-Bissau without due protocol as both the President, General Sissoco Embalo and his Prime Minister, Engr Nuno Gomes Nabiam were away from the country on official engagements.

We learnt that the Pilots had already left the country (Guinea-Bissau), leaving the Airbus behind with no officials of the country able to categorically state what the content of the plane is or the mission, purpose, not even her final destination.

In the cause of our investigation, a lot of speculations were whipped up with some officials strongly believing that the Airbus in laden with Drugs and Ammunitions from (none knows where) but unsure if it was meant for Guinea-Bissau or planned onward movement to other parts of Africa.

This worrisome revelation heightened our curiosity, especially considering the proximity of Guinea-Bissau to Senegal, Gambia, Cape Verde, Nigeria and other Africa countries that have continued to face chaos, kidnapping, Banditry, terrorism and uncontrolled proliferation of small arms in the Africa continent. Hence our concern.

It is on this note that we wish to alert Africa Union (AU), Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), United Nations (UN) and other relevant authorities to activate a swift response by investigating the mission of the mystery Airbus from (none knows where) packed away in Africa albeit, illegally.


We are very much aware of the growing apprehension in Nigeria where kidnapping, banditry and religious bickering has become the order of the day. There exist a possibility that part of whatever is in the plane will find its way to Nigeria to worsen the already precarious situation.

With the 2023 election around the corner in Nigeria, further proliferation of small arms will turn the populous African nation into a killing field at a time she is battling with Boko Haram, Secession and other internal crisis threatening her unity.

The growing trend of Drug intake that has recently hit the southern part of Nigeria has become a cause for worry as many youths have continued to go mental on daily basis due to drug abuse. Therefore if perchance, out of negligence or carefree attitude on Africa leaders, more drugs and arms find their way into Africa, her situation will continue to deteriorate. It is on this premise that we appeal to Africa leaders, bodies and world organisations to work with the Guinea-Bissau government under the able leadership of President Sissoco Embalo and Prime Minister Nuno Gomes Nabiam to ensure that whatever the speculations of the people were, are proved wrong to calm nerves and prevent a repeat of such occurrence going forward. There are international standards and protocols for handling diplomatic actions like suddenly landing a plane in Africa without the knowledge of her officials.

Africa deserves some degree of respect at all times and more degree of circumspect a these times.

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