An expert requests that dress codes be flexible during the heat wave.

by David Okoye

Dr. Biodun Adewumi from Life Healings Hospital has urged organizations, particularly banks and corporate offices, to relax their dress codes for workers during the current heat wave in the country. Speaking to journalists, Adewumi emphasized the importance of considering workers’ health while maintaining organizational policies.

He highlighted the seriousness of the heat wave and urged precautionary measures to prevent casualties. Adewumi stressed that leniency in dress codes would not only protect workers’ health but also enhance productivity in the workplace.

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Adewumi pointed out that many offices lack proper ventilation, with some even lacking electricity to power fans or air conditioners. He called for compassion from employers, emphasizing the need to avoid endangering workers’ lives with strict dress codes amid rising temperatures.

In addition to relaxed dress codes, Adewumi advised the public to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly and to avoid hot beverages like coffee. He recommended seeking shade when outdoors during peak sun hours to minimize exposure to high temperatures.

Overall, Adewumi’s call for flexibility in dress codes and emphasis on preventive measures aim to ensure the well-being of workers and the public during the heat wave.

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