Emeka Kalu Unveils Agenda For Abia North In 2027 For Senate Seat

by Amos Kalu

ABUJA – Because of the alleged poor representations, neglect, and total abandonment of the people of Abia North Senatorial District in the provision of basic infrastructure, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Chief Emeka Charles Kalu, has decided to enter the 2027 general elections.

Dr. Kalu, an engineer and President of the Eck Foundation, revealed his vision on Sunday in a discussion with newsmen, saying he sees it as his responsibility to give everything he has to ensure that Abia North constituents are freed from the old Egyptian political backwardness and taken a distance into the land flowing with milk and honey.

“I cannot stand to watch our people suffer helplessly under the guise of political hypocrisy by those who see themselves as lords over seats of power in Abia State,” Kalu, the National Coordinator of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDPCP), said.

Emeka Charles Kalu

“Aware of the fact that it takes a full-time commitment to redeem Abia North from the shackles of poor legislative leadership, I decided to stand and fight her just course for freedom and transformation.”

Disgusted by members’ actions, Kalu told the Sunday Independent, “To serve the people as a Senator goes beyond sitting in the hallowed Red Chamber of the National Assembly to listen to other lawmakers make inputs.” It has to do with working to propose and sponsor bills of national importance that, if they pass the tough House processes, will be signed into law by Mr. President.

“More importantly, legislative leadership is not about waiting for an exotic car from the Senate President to cruise and cheer with friends, but about focusing on ensuring Nigeria is restored to its original shape through good governance.”

“To serve as a Senator does not only end in waiting for the month end for salary and allowance payments but also in a function to be handled with keen attention to the priority of the constituents rather than that of oneself.”

On his goal, he noted that for decades, Abia North Senatorial District has been wallowing in a regrettable lack of access to social amenities due to the squandered opportunities of her chosen mouthpiece in the national parliament’s upper chamber.

“It is time to let the people know that their sufferings are over,” he said emphatically. Constituents in the United States of America hold their legislators accountable for specific actions in Congress, which is the nitty-gritty of representative governance. We cannot afford to continue in this manner until constructive improvements are made in the lives of adolescents and women.

“A new Abia North is rapidly emerging, and the people are being assisted in climbing out of the rabbit holes they have fallen into.” Leadership that does not empower humanity is a farce of the highest order, and governance that is not based on providing life-changing services to the people is a pit of darkness, disarray, and vanity.”

“We have talented, vibrant, articulate, and serious-minded youths, but they have been frustrated and neglected by mischievous and poor representations in government,” said Kalu, a philanthropist who has long been uplifting his people through his Eck Foundation.

“This campaign for leadership change has nothing to do with any particular political party, nor does it matter which party one belongs to.” It goes much beyond the concept of party affiliation. Rather, it addresses the broader issue of poor performance in our people’s political representation.

“Character and the ability to project excellent leadership do not emanate from one’s heart and readiness to lead in the interest of all and sundry; rather, character and the ability to project excellent leadership emanate from one’s heart and readiness to lead in the interest of all and sundry.” An outstanding leader discards greed and self-promotion and meets the people with the virtue of humility to serve them truly and meritoriously.”

Although Kalu could not clarify whether he would run on the PDP platform, he insisted that his Eck Foundation was on top of things, while reminding his constituents that the time has come to replace the old narratives.

“Our children need to be computer literate,” he says, and the government must help them. We have a right to good roads, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure, which the government is obligated to facilitate and make available to us.

“As an advocate for ‘Excellence in Leadership Performance,’ I am unconcerned with which political party one represents. My interest is that one serves and represents well. The world is rapidly developing digital technology, and aligning our workers with this trend is an important consideration.

“The ability to identify the causes of poverty and apply long-term solutions to its abolition is essential in the fight against poverty.” The Eck Foundation is working hard to push ideas into the global sphere on how to best reduce poverty, illiteracy, and hooliganism among youngsters by engaging them meaningfully.”

“Abia State is rich in agro-allied industries, and it takes visionary leadership to unlock these potentials and turn them into money,” said Chief Kalu, an extensively traveled and cerebral politician and international businessman. It is referred to as the power of wealth production.

“The ongoing Owaza seaport project is another bright spot in the people’s eyes that, once completed, commissioned, and put to use, will propel the state’s economy to new heights.” These sectors could provide employment for our youth, lowering crime and other social vices.

“We must not wait for the Executive Governor because only he can provide the state with what it deserves.” Within his first few days in office, he accomplished commendable, achievable, and extraordinary heights. Mr. Alex Otti possesses the qualities required to make Abia famous. That is why it is critical to elect those who are deeply committed to effective representation in parliament to speak on the people’s behalf.

“Building a better tomorrow is a collective responsibility, and a Senator is authorized by law to bring issues affecting his constituents before the House for consideration and action.”

“The great people of Abia North have been shown a candlelight, but they will soon produce a torchlight as an improvement over the former.” The moment has come for our people’s abilities to be discovered and developed in order to serve global society in various ways.

“Pharmacists and pharmacologists who have been stuck in mini-kiosks selling drugs to patent dealers will soon be able to realize their full potential.” This message arrives at a time when it is most needed, since change, as it is commonly addressed, begins with you and now.

“Abia North constituents producing shoes and other footwear in Ariaria Aba have been lodged in our hearts that they will be upgraded digitally for mass production and business expansion in the near future.” Manufacturers of textile and polymer goods, braid makers, and other fields of endeavor will be given appropriate care for improvement, and the Eck Foundation is substantially grounded in this remarkable attitude.

“Exploring soccer and other athletes’ talents through collaboration with Abia-born football superstar, Nwankwo Kanu, a.k.a. Papilo, in handling training, selection, and sponsorship to Western countries to fulfill their destiny in sports dims its steady light in our forehead.”

“ECK Foundation belongs to all humanity, including non-indigenous people of the state and Senatorial District, provided you believe in our ‘Sustainability Agenda’ and are ready to excel in line with our plans.”

Going back to the Bible, he concluded, “Except that which we are unable to access, of which, as God lives, nothing is beyond our reach, having promised us that He will be providing our needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus, we shall continue to give our best towards promoting and elevating humanity.” Join the Eck Foundation in making Abia a better place for everyone.”

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