Our approach to human development should be holistic, and encompassing – Dr Kalu

by Amos Kalu

By Comr Amos Kalu

At a time in Nigeria when things seem to be out of place and the living standard of the populace is at its lowest ebb, the CEO of ECK Care Foundation and converter of Global Initiative for Good Governance, GIGG, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, has continued to emphasize on the need for politicians to adopt a holistic and encompassing approach to human development and a means to advance a lot of the people.

Emeka Kalu PDP Youth Leader 1
Chief Dr. Emeka Charles Kalu (ECK)

In a short message, he sent to OHAFIATV News from the US-Base, the vocal politician and good governance advocate submitted that the reason why Nigeria has continued to crawl on her knees decades after independence and return to democratic rule is that the people that have handled her affairs as politicians had never at a point fashioned and championed holistic, encompassing and actionable policies that will address the issue of development as it affects the masses directly.

He said this is so because the politicians in their bid to offer leadership end up pursuing only policies that will enrich them directly, jettisoning the ones that will enrich the people, forgetting that the only policies that will enrich the nation are those that can empower the people to help them generate wealth that will translate to the economic stability of the nation because they give back to the economy in terms of business whereas the average politician invests nothing, produces nothing, but takes everything to store away for himself and his family abroad, depriving the economy of the needed input to grow. This trend must stop for Nigeria to progress.

Dr. Kalu further submitted that this reality must begin to build in the consciousness of every politician if there is a desire to improve the lives and welfare of the people.

He argued that there are men and women out there with the right political acumen to deliver good leadership but who have either lost interest due to the unhealthy nature of our politics or have lost fate in the system, yet insisted that this is time to take a bold leap forward to come out and rescue the nation from incompetent,  and unenlightened mediocre that has worked themselves to the high rungs of the leadership ladder to prevent merit from raising its head. This status quo must change to change the system for the best.

Dr. Kalu also pointed out that education, agriculture, healthcare, infrastructure, Information technology, and vocational training should form the basics for a holistic and encompassing approach to solving the myriad of accumulated poverty due to ages of maladministration and poor leadership in Nigeria,  state that it is time for a new crop of leaders to emerge from the ashes of a nation peril to salvage what is left of her.

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