2023 is the most credible election in Nigerian history – Tinubu

by Amos Kalu

Since taking office, President Bola Tinubu, on Thursday, made his first appearance at the All Progressive Congress (APC) National Executive Council meeting. He referred to the election that installed him as president as the most credible in Nigerian history.

Tinubu said he remains fully convinced despite ongoing legal arguments in the courts opposing the method.

Although there are legal issues, he continued, “I believe that this is the most legitimate election in Nigeria


“Therefore, we should be proud of ourselves. As a Democrat, I believe that people who cannot rejoice in triumph because of the outcomes of a free and fair election should not.

Tinubu stressed the importance of fostering harmony, stability, and love within the party while talking about how things worked. 

The party’s chairman is Abdullahi Ganduje, a former governor of Kano.

According to him, “winning an election is an opportunity to “fulfill your dreams and the dreams of our founding fathers.”

The President also emphasized the need to confront issues with governance directly.

‘We have to grease and oil the wheel, and that’s what we’re doing. The Senate ministerial lists have been provided to you for evaluation and approval.

“The government of the people, for the people, and by the people is currently being fully established.

“I can see a lot of my friends here, though you haven’t been able to see me.”. 

“To bring me here, you all struggled for it. You won’t see me as frequently as you’d like because of governance difficulties, he said.

He continued by stating that the difficulties Nigeria is facing were adequately covered in his presentation.

He stated that his country’s economic system is ready for restructuring and added, “Our policies are for the people, not to punish the people.”

Additionally, Tinubu briefly strayed into talk about world politics. I sent signals to Europe and America yesterday,” he declared. I pose the following question to our partners:

How do you handle a wild dog, or a barking dog, and stop a barking dog from stealing food from your opponent’s plate? 

Nigeria is crucial to the continent, yet we are going hungry. We need help, but not at the expense of our enjoyment, peace, or delight.

He reminded the party’s leaders that they needed to present a united front  and emphasized that control of the party rested with them.

Let’s demonstrate to the rest of the nation that we are working together toward the same goal because if we stray, history won’t pardon us, he urged.

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