The New Nigeria People’s Party: A Force to be Reckoned With in Abia State Politics

by Amos Kalu

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By Comr Amos Kalu

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) is a force to be reckoned with in Abia State politics, especially after her successful impressive outing in the just concluded 2023 general election. The party has quickly become a major player in the state’s political landscape, with a focus on providing effective and accountable leadership to the people of Abia. The NNPP has a strong commitment to the promotion of good governance, transparency, and the rule of law. The party also advocates for the protection of the rights of all citizens, regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity. With its progressive policies and strong leadership, the NNPP is a party that is sure to make a lasting impact on Abia State politics.

The Rise of the New Nigeria People’s Party in Abia State Politics

The Rise of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in Abia State Politics has been a major development in the political landscape of the state. The NNPP is a relatively new political party that was introduced to the Abia political space by a group of young, dynamic, and visionary individuals from the state. The party has quickly gained a strong foothold in the state’s politics, as it has been able to gain the support of many prominent political figures in the state.

The NNPP has been able to gain traction in Abia State due to its strong commitment to progressive policies and its dedication to the advancement of the state’s citizens. The party has been able to make a name for itself advocating for the rights of the marginalized and the vulnerable, and by advocating for the protection of the environment. The party has also been able to attract a large number of young people to its ranks, as it has been able to offer a platform for young people to express their views and opinions on the state’s political issues.

In keeping to her inroads in the political landscape of Abia State, NNPP remains the only parry that endeavored to shift ground from the known political turf of endless promises in 2023 to a more realistic campaign of moving the Abia state economy from analog to digital economic with the candidacy of a renowned and ardent advocate of technology as the panacea to Abia’s economic woes, albeit, Nigeria. The emergence of Dr Ukpai Iro Ukpai as her flag bearer was a serious boost to the future of NNPP in Abia state after the 2023 Governorship election.

UIU Ukoai Iro Ukpai

The Key Issues Driving the New Nigeria People’s Party in Abia State

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) as a progressive political party is committed to the advancement of the people of Abia State with focused on tackling the key issues that are affecting the people like providing a better future for the citizens. She is also focused on tackling the issues of corruption and mismanagement of public fund and is committed to ensuring that public funds are used in a transparent and accountable manner to Abians access to quality public services.

Other areas of focus of the NNPP on the future of Abia State can be narrowed down to their viable efforts during the last elections. Viz:

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Digital Economy and Digital Society, an ideology NNPP believes is the key to the future and growth of the state.

Massive Job creation through training and equipping of the youths to tap into the rich and evolving world of technology in the 21st century.

Wholesome Security that will create an enabling environment for investment and even development of the state.

Dr Ukpai Iro Ukpai, the NNPP Governorship candidate was the only candidate that ran a Youth Techpreneur workshop same time campaigns were on.

NNPP also has the belief that after elections, the way forward is to play Politics without bitterness and to be a responsible opposition party that will engage the government in Abia State with constructive criticism.

The party is also poised to continue to build a progressive and people oriented party where members are taught on how to play patriotic, responsible politics, as opposed to transactional membership

Alhaji Musa Kwankwaso – National Leader and NNPP Presidential Candidate in the 25th February General Election.

The Role of the New Nigeria People’s Party in Abia State Elections

With her performance in 2023, especially at the governorship level with the candidacy of Dr. Ukpai Iro Ukpai from the Abia North Senatorial Zone, there is no doubt that the NNPP has provided a platform that the people of the zone can leverage and consolidate on in their drive for rotation of power back to the zone in the spirit of Equity that has ensured a political balance of the state since 1999.

Ukpai Iro Ukpai
Dr. Ukpai Iro Ukpai, NNPP Governorship Candidate in the 2023 general election.

Another good thing for the people of Ohafia in the Abia North Zone is that the party with its National Outlook has offered a solid ground for them to galvanize and further push for their opportunity to do the number one job in Abia state, a position that has been eluding them, despite being a logical stronghold in Abia state whose votes and vital to the emergence of any governor of the state.

In conclusion, the New Nigeria People’s Party has had a significant impact on Abia State governance since its formation. The party has been instrumental in the establishment of several initiatives that have had a positive impact on the lives of Abia citizens. The NNPP has been a major advocate for economic development, educational improvement, healthcare improvement, and infrastructure improvement in Abia State.

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