Abia 2013 Guber: Is Ohafia Political Identity about to be sacrificed again?

by Amos Kalu

Having read the beautiful article by one Ndidi Okafor published by OhafiaTV blog about the need for Abians to find a better method to select their leaders especially Governor which the author called ‘smart voting’, I started to reflect on the ideas being peddled by many Ohafia elite who want Ndi Ohafia to ride on the Peter Obi wave in voting during the forthcoming Governorship election coming up 6 days from today.

I pondered on the argument by one Chief who argued that Ohafia stands to gain if we abandon our own sons who are Governorship Candidates and vote for an Ngwa man, a non – Abia North Candidate only because an Ohafia son is his running mate. The chief argued that Alex Oti of LP will win but that our sons Dr Ukpai Iro Ukpai of NNPP and Chief Kalu Ijioma Uke of NRM will not win. He was emphatic that our sons will not win.
Have those making this lopesided argument considered what will be the fate of Ohafia Udumeze politically if Alex Oti doesn’t win the Governorship election. The chief carefully refused to highlight this possibility but wanted to blindfold Ohafia and push us into his pet project that Ohafia26 should follow herd mentality and join in the papa mama and pikin thing even when Peter Obi is not on the ballot next Saturday. So Ohafia Udumeze wants to subsume the push for a much needed political identity which we can grab by making block votes for our son by privileging onye Ngwa thereby sabotaging Abia North slot under charter of equity?
We hear that chances that Alex Oti will win are very slim given the in – fighting and different interests within Abia LP, and given the so many political enemies who are not going to wait to see Alex Oti be Governor of Abia State. We hear that Ngwa people are out to scuttle Alex Oti chances. So, Mben, why are Ndi Ohafia just diving in sheepishly into the Alex Oti project when other clans are being cautious? Even Ukwa la Ngwa are vehemently opposed to Alex Oti but Ohafia26 is carrying Oti on their head because of uncertain deputy Governor position. Why are we like this? Why are some trying hard to destroy Ohafia politically pushing us into herd mentality political actions? Dangerous!

I seriously caution Ndi Ohafia to be careful lest we mess ourselves up further politically via the March 11 voting. We are better off voting en block for one of our own son who’s vying for Governor, thereby carving out our political identity. If our son fails, God forbid, we are still better off because we would have made a political statement that dignifies us in Abia State politics and makes us like Nkporo politically. If we subsume our political identity and Alex Oti fails, we are messed up politically and even if Alex Oti wins, we only have a powerless deputy Gov position which we can loose any day. The crumbs of a gain is not worth the trouble.
The most chilling aspect to me is that if the ACC as in my reference article got it right, that God has chosen our son – Dr Ukpai – to be Governor of Abia State, then by Ohafia26 voting another person in the March 11 election, we would be working against God’s direction, a position I advise Ndi Ohafia not to take.
I rest my case.

Kalu Ikpo Anaga

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