You may Have Your Own Agenda but we’re voting Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie (Accord Party)

by Amos Kalu

Here are reasons we must not miss DR.SAM.

Political Experience: Dr. Samuel has vast political experience, having served as a stakeholder (in Assemblies of God political terrain) and as a PA/Chief of Staff (still serving) to a governorship Matthew Karimo (An inlaw to Ndi Oji Abam), candidate of Bayelsa State, that was once an Acting Governor of same Bayelsa..

Economic Experience: Dr. Samuel has a deep background in finance and has been credited with leading the transformation of several ailing conglomerates in Rivers State into an economic powerhouse.

Strategic Leadership: Dr. Samuel is known for his strategic thinking and ability to build strong political and business alliances, which could be useful in navigating the complex political landscape of Arochukwu.

Anti-corruption stance: Dr. Samuel, an upright man, has been vocal about his stance against corruption, and his reputation as a Man of God could help to restore public trust in government.

Job creation: Dr. Samuel ‘s economic policies will help to create jobs and boost economic growth in Arochukwu, which would help to address issues such as poverty and youth unemployment.

Education: Dr. Samuel is a strong proponent of education, having read up to a doctorate degree; and has been involved in initiatives to improve access to education and enhance the quality of teaching.

Healthcare: Dr. Samuel ‘s administration will initiate healthcare reforms that will lead to the construction of new hospitals and health centers, as well as the training of healthcare workers.

Security: Dr. Samuel has spoken about the need for effective security measures in Nigeria, and his leadership could help to improve the country’s security situation.

National Unity: Dr. Samuel has been credited with fostering national unity in Ndi Ebe Abam during a time of great brouhaha. A feat he brought to Assemblies of God Church through his inclusive leadership style and ability to build alliances across different ethnic and religious groups.

Experience in negotiations: Ethnic clashes will be a thing of the past. Dr. Samuel ‘s experience as a mediator and negotiator could be valuable in resolving conflicts between different regions and communities in Nigeria.

Grassroots connections: Dr. Samuel is known for his grassroots connections, and his ability to connect with ordinary people could help to boost his popularity among voters.

Visionary leadership: Dr. Samuel is known for his vision and ability to articulate a clear plan for the future, which could be useful in setting a course for our development.

Communication skills: Dr. Samuel is a skilled communicator who is able to convey his ideas and policies effectively to a wide range of audiences.

Strong political network: Dr. Samuel has a strong political network that could help him to build support for his candidacy and gain endorsements from other political leaders.

Patriotism: Dr. Samuel is widely regarded as a patriotic Nigerian who is committed to the country’s development and welfare.

International Relations: Dr. Samuel has a good relationship with leaders of other countries and international organizations, which could help to boost Nigeria’s standing in the global community.

Youth Empowerment: Dr. Samuel has spoken about the need to empower young people in our constituency, and his policies could help to create opportunities for youth to contribute to the our development.

Women Empowerment: Dr. Samuel has also spoken about the need to empower women in our constituency, and his policies could help to address issues such as gender inequality and violence against women.

Samuel Uba Okorie

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