2023 – Can you get paid N10,000 in 2,920 days to lose 8 solid years for a Morsel – Opinion

by Amos Kalu

Good day Beloved Nigerian and happy Christmas in advance. Once again I come your way with an opinion. I hope you had time to reflect on our last topic: Our docility has made them take us as stupid people. I also hope you shared the paper with your contacts. Those of you in the diaspora can do well to send my papers to your loved ones back home. I know you want a better Nigeria than some of us inside here. Often people inside a stench hardly notice it. People get used to bad situations to the extent that they lose every sense of decency. If you live inside a bin, the tendency is high for one to lose his sense of smell. The political class in Nigeria has forced us to lose our sense of decency and decorum.


Richyard Ume JP, PhD

I’m one of those that believe that there can be no decency and order on our roads until we have a paradigm shift from the presidency to governors and all political appointees. Once these mad drivers and their convoys stop using the road as if it is a race course, citizens would fall in line.

You may not understand me until you become a victim to a presidential, governor, or politician convoy like I was some years ago to President Jonathan’s convoy at Lugbe.

That mad convoy almost sent me to an early grave. They smashed my side mirror and windscreen. Meanwhile, the president did not pass that way until 2 hours later!

If government officials could be so indisciplined on the road, who’s the Road safety man that can change citizens’ propensity to reckless driving?

So many things (about 95 percent) of our problems would be solved in Nigeria once we get it right from the top. How can a thief we know very well stop corruption? How can dubious characters we know too well represent us and we go to sleep?

Last week, The Methodist Bishop in Ebonyi state raised a red flag on vote buying that’s going on in that state. I wasn’t surprised to read that because of the missteps of the state Governor, Dave Umahi.

Politicians in Nigeria hardly create or respects boundaries. They hardly notice when there’s a disconnect between them and the led. The moment this man, for his selfish interest, joined APC, his people left him. He thinks he’s still walking with Ebonyi citizens not knowing that they left him on that day.

Ebonyi is a state I love dearly. Her citizens are solid in character. I’ve had my besties come from Ebonyi state. I loved Rev Ewa in life and in death. He was solid and from this state. Prof A. U. Agha will remain my mentor all through life. A man of solid character and so many others whose identity I would like to protect.

An Ebonyi man hardly takes shit. His “yes” is yes. Over the years, I’ve found it lovely sharing my life with them especially those of them from the Afikpo area and its environs. That’s by the way. When the governor promised Tinubu of millions of votes from Ebonyi state, I knew he was joking.

The result of that proud statement is the result of the crises we are seeing today as raised by the Methodist Bishop.

Today, 10th December 2022, Arise News carried the despicable butchering of a Labour party stalwart for refusing to accept money to change to Apc. The man from Oshiri L GA is still in hospital while Oshiri youths demonstrated against intimidation by the state government security outfit, “ebube agu”.

This same week, the majority leader of the house of Reps, an APC member said to the hearing of all Nigerians that “You would be dealt with if you refuse to vote for APC”.

I write today to encourage some of you that may be intimidated to shy away from voting or change your mind about your preferred candidate or adopt the evil end of “if you can’t beat Apc, collect their money and move away”. That’s evil, demonic, and stupid escapism.

Apc and her twin sister are desperados. They are drawing men that cling to a leaf. They know we have rejected them so they come to you with financial inducement.

Ten thousand Naira when divided by 8 years with 365 days each will baffle you. 365 days times 8 years is 2, 920 days. Divide this by 10,000 and it will surprise you that your worth (according to these evil men) is a paltry 3 Naira 4 kobo and some useless fraction.

If you’re not angry, I’m already angry with you for allowing your worth to go so low.

What can you buy with 3 Naira in Nigeria? Name how many things you still buy with 50 and 100 Naira and imagine 3 Naira a day for 8 years.

If you have a relation, a friend, or a family, in the village and you don’t warn them about this evil, God will hold you responsible for any harm that would befall them and the Nigerian nation. I’m doing my bit by bringing this evil to your notice. You must do your bit by sharing this warning with all of them. This evil of buying votes with money would continue all over the country, especially in APC states. We must resist them by rejecting their filthy lucre. Refuse the argument that “it’s our money bla bla bla”. It’s not our money. It’s stolen money, it’s blood money, it’s demonic, and would destroy your bloodline.

That young man in Oshiri is a star. He’s a hero of democracy. He accepted to die and then changed from LP to APC. That’s the true Ebonyi spirit!

When you refuse their money and they resort to violence, stand your ground. We’re all dead by the misgovernment of Apc so, so what and who are we to fear again?

Go and collect your PVC if you’ve not done so. Get ready to vote for HE Peter Obi, the man who has the capacity, competence, and capability to give us a new Nigeria.
God bless you. God bless Nigeria and bless men of goodwill that want Peter Obi as our incoming President.

Richyard Ume JP, PhD

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