US Wife Tenders Certificate To Prove Marriage to Jim Iyke, Wants Divorce from Actor.

by Chimamanda

The embattled, pained, and abandoned wife of the popular Nigerian actor and fashionista, James Ikechukwu Okolue Esomughua, popularly known as Jim Iyke, who allegedly wedded her about 5 years back in the US before he abandoned the marriage and disappeared, is insisting that she needs to be free from him through a legal divorce with the attendant spouse benefits.

Recall, OHAFIATV News reported that Carllie Taggett, a medical student, business entrepreneur, and US citizen narrated that they were legally wedded in 2017 after they met in Norcross, Georgia.

Carllie Tagget Jum Iyke

In her testimony, Carllie revealed that Jim Iyke who she said was full of promises of a future only wanted to use her and escape with her heart due to his uncontrollable infidelity and desire for more women, promising to expose more about Jim Iyke and his marriage escaped around the world, as well the number of children he has been keeping secret from the family he is raising In the US if the actor continues to ignore her call for divorce.

According to her, “We met and dated in 2016 after which he asked for my hand in marriage. We got married on January 30, 2017. He is keeping secret families in parts of the world such as France and Africa, this is unacceptable.

“I am presenting our marriage certificate because many people had doubted me when the story made it to the public domain. If he continues to evade my call for dialogue and amicable resolution, the next thing I am going to do is to grant live interviews to various media houses, and then tender more evidence unless he reaches out to me to dialogue on how we can come out of this mess.

“All I have always asked is for Jim Iyke to be a man and come out to give me a divorce so that I can move on with my life because it is impossible to be remarried while my marriage to him is yet to be dissolved through a legal process.

“Let me reiterate the point that no one is against him, I just want him to voluntarily come to divorce proceedings or he can take the initiative of coming out for us to settle outside of divorce court if he is serious about it. I don’t think I am asking for too much. All he needs to do is re-establish communication with me because he knows how to reach me, it is that simple.

Marriage Certificate
The Wedding Ring

“But in a situation, he fails to do so and continues to ignore me, I will invoke every means to bring his attention to this, including further revealing his hitherto hidden affairs around the world. One man cannot be going around the world caging one woman after another in his prison of false emotion and continue to live his normal life as if we are pieces of logs to be used for fire.

“I have tried to be reasonable for a very long time by trying to contact him discreetly, but he blocked all our communication channels and never got back to me as he promised. Therefore, I will continue to use these channels to call his attention to give me a divorce to move on with my life” she explained.

The very peeved lady said that she is making contacts in Nigeria and US and will stop at nothing until Jim Iyke come out of hiding to do the needful.

“I will use social media, TV interviews, and radio programs, both in the US and Nigeria to call my eloping husband out and get justice to move on with my life. The choice of how we handle this is entirely up to him. I will be glad if he allows reason to prevail for us to have a dialogue and end this marriage and move on”, she concludes.

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