The essence of politics without bitterness; place of dynamism – Kalu

by OHAFIA TV Newsadmin

I have observed with mixed feelings, the argument being put out by our people about politics, and I think it is a notion that must be addressed and nipped in the bud as a bad apple that may soil the whole Apple basket if not spotted and removed.

Foremost, let me remind us that we had a reason to call this a politics “A COALITION”. To lay foundation for my submissions, let me remind us of the meaning and essence of a coalition.

“COALITION is a temporary alliance for combined action, especially of political parties forming a government”.

In order words, it is not a crime for one party to woo or lure another party member who may pocess the capability, charisma, pedigree and political muscle to help her win an election, provided that it is open and does not negate the interest of the party to amount to ” anti party activity “.

This also is the essence of campaign. In campaigns, you don’t come to preach to people already on your side, you come out to convince people on the other side of the fence why they must support you as a man with what it takes to save, manage, administer, plan, forecast and deliver better life to them if given the chance. At that point, you’re canvassing to build “a coalition” with everyone across party lines. Same should be applicable to political players who must not see opponents as enemies to conquer, but as opponent to defeat with superior ideology to carry them along.

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This is the realization we have to make in Nigeria politics to let us know that opposition is not enmity. You don’t hate or condemn another politician when you’re not on the same page or party as politics is all about interest. People on opposite party today can be movers of another party tomorrow, provided it will bring positive devidend to the people. Then what is the basis for hatred today if we can possibly share same bond tomorrow?

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In the United States of America for instance, Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, became the best friend of Senator Ted Kennedy, a founding Democrat and their friendship contributed to higher percentage of achievement of that era in the US Congress. They agreed on the best thing that will happen to United States of America. After politicking comes governance.

As Nigerians, it is not too late to apply this “Political Dynamism” to our advantage. Consider a situation where the present government was dynamic enough to pick people of pedigree and charisma without sticking to ugly trend of picking midiocres in the name of party, we wouldn’t have ended up having round pegs in square holes that has kept Nigeria helpless today.

In that light therefore, I am calling on us to start seeing potentials outside our enclave and engage without betraying your family. Tomorrow, the relationship you built may be the only saving grace to help your own party win. OPPOSITION IS NOT ENMITY. We must stop seeing opponents as enemies. Nigeria political orientation must change and grow beyond such precipice.

I also insist that every party like PDP must look beyond sentiments and recruit only the best hands as that is the only yardstick to serve the people right. Give the people good governance and have peace and progress on all sides.

Chief Dr Emeka Kalu,
PDPYA National Publicity Secretary and DG, Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG)

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