Tribalism, Religion, Mare Political Tools Used By Plutocrats To Hold Nigerians In Perpetuity – NYA

by Amos Kalu

Nigeria’s foremost youth driven political movement, National Youth Alliance, NYA, will continue to make case for the need for a paradigm shift in the political landscape of Nigeria from artificially inundated political gimmicks aimed at disunity of purpose, to a more pragmatic people oriented approach that will holistically address the actual problems facing the progress of our populous nation.

The youths of today are conscious of the fact that religion and ethnicity have remained tools used by our plutocratic leaders to subjugate and mortgage our collective well being in perpetuity, even when it is obvious that ordinary Nigerians are naturally accommodating by nature, and don’t see our neighbors as enemies, except when their psychs are eroded by the elite who only seek to take advantage, yet they use hunger as a political tool to force our loyalty by giving the people only enough to stay alife What they do is tell you who must be your enemy so that you can never be united in purpose to challenge their strong hold on your future.

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National Youth Alliance, has demonstrated astuteness in her spirited awareness effort at emancipating the youths, albeit, the nation of the true challenges facing them which is hunger, lack of qualitative education, lack of pipe borne water and basic amenities, lack of infrastructural development and lack of national cohesion aimed at uplifting Nigeria. NYA, has risen to ensure that for the first time in Nigeria, the youths must speak with one voice and purpose to liberate ourselves because we’re the leaders of today and shapers of tomorrow.

The problem of Nigeria has never been hinged on language, tribe, religion or ethnicity. The worst problem of Nigeria is lack of quality leadership, with a plan for the future. The problem of Nigeria is a plutocratic system, where they focus more on making the people poorer to remain in power.

The hunger in the land is occasioned by lack of direction in leadership, not because of our diversity or tribe and ethnicity as many have been deceived to believe. We must free ourselves from this blackmail on our collective intelligence as a people, and unite to reclaim our destiny. National Youth Alliance, under the able Leadership of the Youth President, Ambassador Aliyu Bin Abbas, and the best brains amongst Nigerian youths, has set the pace. Every Nigerian desirous of a better Nigeria for today and the generation next has a duty to align. We are one people with great destiny, we will not allow our destiny to continue to be mortgaged.

Comr. Amos Kalu
Southeast Media and Publicity Secretary, National Youth Alliance, NYA.

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