ATUS, a new Fintech Company set to crash the market with low charges.

by Amos Kalu

As the world of innovation and improvement in the area of financial technology companies continues to evolve with new ideologues and cutting-edge innovations that will further ensure perfect service delivery to all Nigerians in the financial industry, we must always prepare our minds for new entrants that will change the status quo and offer more people-friendly service options. This is where ATUS has come in to fill every vacuum in the financial technology system.

To rule the Fintech Business world, ATUS has since started a loaning system that gives their customers real flexibility in terms of collateral and loan terms through a well-thought-out plan that makes movable assets like cars become your best bet, unlike other banks and Fintech companies. So far, through this simple means, they can give out loans worth over N20,000,000 to individuals. This has been a source of re-capitalization for many SMEs and startup capital for new ones to thrive.


With their payment system that is about to hit the market, ATUS is set to crash the transaction fee that many Fintechs have used to exploit Nigerians for many years, this is the best part. All the payment companies have unanimously increased their transfer fee to between N20 to N25, thereby sitting in the comfort of their office to rip the labour of the average Nigerian toiling under the sun to market their products, leaving them only but a little fraction of their labour to stay alive. ATUS believes that such exploitative tendencies should be checkmated, which is why they have set out their special plans to return all charges to as little as N10 to enable the retailers to survive the turbulent waters of doing business in a volatile economy.

These are more are what ATUS has brought to the table to help Nigerians bounce back and also aid government efforts at curbing poverty. They believe that any company with good intent to help the masses should not insist on an exploitative business approach that will further kill the people but should rather introduce intuitive ideas that should cushion the harsh effect of the prevalent circumstances hitting them.

We shall bring you more insight into what ATUS has in stock for Nigerians as soon as you stay

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