EId Mubarak, A Period Of Solemn Reflection, Display Of Love To Humanity

by Amos Kalu

With a heart full of glee, I wish all   Muslim brothers and sisters a blissful and joyous Eid Mubarak as they converge to celebrate the mystery of ” Blessed Eid” as observed in Islamic traditions.  I enjoin the Moslem faithful to continuously use this opportunity to reflect on the progress, unity and indivisibility of Nigeria as a nation strongly built on the spirit of oneness and brotherly love. It is a period of solemn communication to Allah the Creator of the universe who through Prophet Muhammed sent the message of light and salvation to mankind.

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As a season of purity and adornment where  ” The Blessings of  Allah  ” are celebrated, it is pertinent to note that the cardinal purpose of marking this remarkable day is for humans to live and peacefully coexist with one another without rancour, violence or unwanted killings. Nigeria is a blessed nation with diverse resources and potentialities to progressively transform and develop both human and material aspects of her nationhood when sincerity of purpose, accountability, fair play and a sense of brotherhood as people of a common race is propagated.  With what we have in place in terms of natural resources, gross sufferings, youth unemployment and other forms of miseries orchestrated by man’s inactions,  wrong perceptions and corrupt handlings of leadership would be surmounted while speedy socio-economic and political development have their ways on top the ladder of excellence.

This nation has recorded enough violence, economic drawbacks and other social vices caused by the inability of the government to make and implement the right policies capable of benefiting the lives of the youths and other helpless citizens in the Country but in the face of this ugly situation, we must endeavour to prove our good sense of decency and obedience to the laws of the land by embracing peace and sustaining a crisis-free environment. We have not lost hope of a better tomorrow as we patiently advise the government on the right direction while she gets ahead to improve on areas of utmost concern.

In all, the breach of public peace is never a solution to address critical issues confronting the generality of Nigerians rather we take to decently, logically and constructively engage the government by drawing its attention to those areas of public service administration left unattended to. Tolerating one another ‘s religion and ways of life is another quality stone that builds the bridge of unity in a nation with diverse multi-ethnic groups and Moslem brothers are enjoined to ensure they extend their love, outreach and cooperation to other Nigerians closer to them as a mark of proving their respect for the sanctity of Eid Mubarak. Once more, Happy Eid Mubarak!

Chief . Dr. Emeka Kalu
President , Eck Foundation

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