Nigerian Students Appeal for Government Palliatives Amid Rising Hardship

by David Okoye

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The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has issued a plea to both federal and state governments for urgent assistance to alleviate the growing hardship faced by students in tertiary institutions across the country.

In a statement released by NANS National President, Pedro Obi, the association highlighted the pressing need for government intervention to provide palliatives and grants to students grappling with the challenges posed by the current economic climate.

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Mr. Obi emphasized the necessity of implementing immediate measures to address the escalating financial burdens faced by students, particularly in light of the high cost of living. He stressed that such assistance is crucial to ensure that students are not impeded in their pursuit of education.

Furthermore, NANS called upon the government to provide shuttle buses for students in all tertiary institutions to alleviate transportation difficulties, which further exacerbate the financial strain on students.

Recognizing the pivotal role of education in national development, NANS underscored the importance of creating a conducive environment for academic excellence by addressing the financial constraints hindering students’ progress.

In addition to providing immediate relief through palliatives, NANS emphasized the significance of education grants as a means of further supporting students’ well-being and academic pursuits.

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The statement concluded with an appeal to the government to collaborate with student associations nationwide in the distribution of palliatives and grants, ensuring that the assistance reaches those in need effectively.

NANS reiterated its belief that investing in students’ welfare is an investment in the nation’s future, emphasizing the government’s responsibility to prioritize the well-being and academic success of Nigerian students.

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