Lies and Falsehood cannot revive the Economy, LP Chieftain tells APC-Tinubu.

by Amos Kalu


The TRUTH is that Lies and Falsehood cannot revive the Economy. This Government and the Managers of the Economy MUST Stop the LIES and face the REALITY. Prices respond to REAL DYNAMICS not Propaganda.

  1. FIRST LIE: The Moonlight tale about the REMOVAL OF SUBSIDY is Olympic. How can you remove subsidy on what you do not know the exact quantity of Litres consumed daily. The NNPC LTD, PPMC and Government has different figures of daily consumption of Fuel (98m, 56m. 48m, 32m, 28m, 26m, 22m etc, Litres Per Day) FRAUDULENT SUBSIDY REGIME by A Rogue Government and a Rogue State. And we hear that Subsidy Payment is back, that under President Bola Tinubu it is now 1 Trillion per month, much more than it was under the Hypocritical One called Buhari. Yeye de Smell!

How can Government credibly pay Subsidy on what it doesn’t have reliable data for? Rogue State, Rogue Nation, Rogue Govt… This Subsidy Falsehood MUST STOP. Until there is the Political and Moral Will to stem this wickedness NOTHING will change.

  1. SECOND LIE: We shall Prioritize Education, and leave Religion to the Worshippers. Laughs!
    STUDENTS LOAN #5 Billion
    MONEY FOR HAJJ #24 Billion.

“Clowns clowning with Power, and clowning with the Destiny of a Nation. Only Clowns defend the Indefensible positions of Political Clowns.” – .

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr
  1. THIRD LIE: We are doing all that is necessary to protect Lives and Property. How? When Govt through the Legislature has given a Vote of Confidence to Executive/Political Service Chiefs and Security Operators whose disconnect with the Rank And File, and those at the Frontline of the many conflicts and crisis across the nation is huge.
  2. FOURTH LIE: We are doing all that is necessary to reboot the Economy and shore up the Naira. Laughs. How? When Govt is the lead importer of foreign made vehicles, choice wines and champagne, and the lead deploiter of our Foreign Reserves. I pity our Dear Naira!.

I still believe in Nigeria, and I BELIEVE that Something Will Give Sooner Rather Than Later, if Nothing is done with alacrity to stem the FALSEHOODS and Salvage this Nation from the Abyss.


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Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
X: @NwaokobiaJnr

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